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BeLIVE: Elevating Events in the Physical and Virtual Realms

Explore BeLIVE by MultiTV, a pioneering platform merging physical and virtual events. Erasing geographical boundaries, it offers a universal stage for speakers and attendees worldwide. BeLIVE transforms events into dynamic, inclusive experiences, making every occasion memorable and impactful. It's not just a platform; it's an evolution in how we connect and engage globally. Book a Demo
BeLIVE: Revolutionizing Streaming and Online Meetings Many Events, One Solution
Facilitate virtual, in-person, or hybrid conferences with MultiTV's adaptable platform, comprehensive support, and robust integrations.

Craft unforgettable events with bespoke landing pages, tailored registration, and seamless check-in and badge printing capabilities.

Elevate your association or community events with uniquely engaging experiences, offering clear ROI for sponsors and members.
Webinars Develop brand-centric, scalable webinars designed for impactful growth, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for users.

Transform Your Virtual & Hybrid Events Experience the future of event hosting, from immersive 360 virtual experiences to rich, collaborative hybrid events, all powered by MultiTV's innovative platforms.
Virtual Event Platform Revolutionize Virtual Events with MultiTV

MultiTV crafts immersive 360 Virtual Experiences using our dynamic 3D platform, enriched with networking and engagement features to enhance your event's impact.

Hybrid Event Platform Elevate Hybrid Events with MultiTV

Host unparalleled hybrid events using MultiTV, offering a rich suite of engagement tools and networking solutions to ensure your event's success and synchronicity.

Take Your Events to New Heights with BeLIVE Choose BeLIVE for a seamless blend of physical and virtual event experiences
  • Breakout
  • Bird Eye View
  • Auditorium
  • Lobby
  • Photobooth
TVS Founder's day 2021 | MultiTv | BeLIVE
Intel | MultiTv | BeLIVE
Intel Photobooth | MultiTv | BeLIVE
APPC Photobooth | MultiTv | BeLIVE
TVS Bird Eye | MultiTv | BeLIVE
Intel Bird Eye | MultiTv | BeLIVE
Game Zone | MultiTv | BeLIVE
Intel Founder's day 2021 | MultiTv | BeLIVE
HDFC ERGO With MultiTv | program streaming

A Unified Platform for Diverse Events

Host user conferences, field marketing, and community gatherings, regardless of their scale.

Meetings | MultiTv BeLIVE | online web meeting
BeLIVE Seamless Team Connect
Show & Launches | MultiTv BeLIVE | program streaming
Show & Launches
BeLIVE Vibrant Product Reveals
Exhibition | MultiTv BeLIVE | online web meeting
BeLIVE Exhibits Come Alive
Trade Show Innovations | MultiTv | BeLIVE
Trade Show
BeLIVE Trade Show Innovations
Award Show | MultiTv BeLIVE | program streaming
Award Show
BeLIVE Glitzy Award Evenings
Sports Event | MultiTv BeLIVE | streaming software
Sports Event
BeLIVE Live Sports Excitement
Leading brands that trust MultiTV
Universal Brand Display Across Devices Customize events to reflect your brand, ensuring a seamless cross-device experience.
  • Tailor events for unique brand alignment.
  • Memorable attendee experiences.
  • Optimized for mobile and other devices.
  • Seamless user journey integration.
  • Brand-centric event customization.
  • Consistent branding across platforms.
  • Enhanced attendee engagement.
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Versatile Event Session Formats Catering to all event types and sizes, from regional roundtables to global conferences.
  • In-person, hybrid, and virtual options.
  • Live, pre-recorded, simulative content.
  • Interactive rooms for engagement.
  • Perfect for any event scale.
  • Cross-device networking capabilities.
  • Fully immersive mobile experience.
  • Adaptable for varied event needs.
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Prioritizing Audience Engagement Engage your audience with gamification, interactive options, and integrated profiles.
  • Diverse gamification features.
  • Interactive options like polls and quizzes.
  • Customizable attendee paths.
  • Real-time emojis, chats, and reactions.
  • Q&A sessions for active participation.
  • Seamless user profile integration.
  • Transforming attendees into active contributors.
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Inclusive and Accessible Events Commitment to DEI with captioning, sign language support, and multilingual options.
  • Live and VOD captioning.
  • Dual screens for sign language.
  • Multilingual dubbing support.
  • Diverse platform language options.
  • Inclusive content accessibility.
  • Enhancing attendee diversity.
  • Fostering an equitable event environment.
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Strategic Event Content Utilization Repurpose content efficiently while managing budgets through centralized control.
  • Reuse and repurpose event content.
  • Convert live sessions to VOD.
  • Transform webinars into educational snippets.
  • Seamless post-event workflow.
  • Centralized content management system.
  • Extend content lifetime value.
  • Budget management with VOD focus.
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Enhanced Event Registration & Connectivity Elevate your event experience with MultiTV's seamless registration and comprehensive interaction solutions.
  • Streamlined online and on-spot registration services.
  • A data-driven approach for effective audience communication.
  • Global reach enhancing worldwide event accessibility.
  • Foster stronger attendee relationships for increased engagement.
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly event solutions.
  • User-friendly, mobile-optimized registration interface.
  • Compliance with data privacy and security standards.
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Comprehensive Event Data Insights Real-time data analytics and comprehensive reports for informed event management.
  • Granular, real-time data access.
  • Cross-event engagement analytics.
  • Interactive heat map visuals.
  • Detailed attendance and chat reports.
  • Insights on polls and reactions.
  • Metrics for live and on-demand sessions.
  • Expense and budget tracking.
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Dedicated Customer Assistance Real-time assistance, informative guides, and tech support for seamless experiences.
  • Immediate real-time support.
  • Detailed introduction guide videos.
  • Proactive notifications assistance.
  • Responsive tech chat support.
  • User-friendly support interface.
  • Efficient problem-solving approach.
  • Continuous customer care excellence.
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I have worked with MultiTV on ‘N’ number of webcast projects till now it has been great working with Team MultiTV, as they take complete ownership of the project that they do and they are really experts of their domain and that’s their USP as well.

Dhurv Tuteja(JK Tyre) Manager Digital Marketing JK Tyres

Thanks for your efforts on the F62 launch. It was executed very well, from the production to simulcast on multiple platforms. It is great to have MultiTV with us. I look forward to more opportunities of working together.

Ram Deshpande Vice-President, Digital Samsung
Leaders' Choice in Video Tech

Empowering unparalleled storytelling and audience engagement with
cutting-edge video technology.

As Apollo 2417, we have been associated with Multi- TV, doing our online property/show "Health Hour". The service and technical support received from Multi-TV is exceptional. Kushagr Sharma Marketing Manager Apollo24|7
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