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Creator: Revolutionizing Content Delivery

MultiTV Creator redefines content delivery with its unique OTT and Cloud Playout blend, offering on-demand access anytime, anywhere. Our platform excels in measuring impact, ensuring fast, reliable, and versatile service. MultiTV Creator sets the standard for flexible content monetization with seamless integration and insightful distribution partner analytics. It's the ultimate solution for a world where speed, reliability, and adaptability are essential. Welcome to the future of content delivery with MultiTV Creator, where every feature is designed to elevate your content strategy. Book a Demo

Core Capabilities of CREATOR Solution

Explore the Pinnacle of Video Management and Monetization with MultiTV CREATOR's Advanced Features.

Media Management | MultiTV Creator
Media Management
Comprehensive Media Management Efficiently manage every aspect of your media, from metadata and playlists to analytics and ad campaigns.
High Performance Video Player | MultiTv | Creator
High-Performance Video Player
High-Performance Video Player Experience a swift and dependable live and VOD content player enhanced with quality analytics and playback optimization.
Innovative Video Monetization | MultiTv | Creator | video streaming services
Innovative Video Monetization
Innovative Video Monetization Advanced monetization tools, including streamlined ad delivery, adaptive auto-playback, and interactive player features.
Cloud Based Media Processing | MultiTv | Creator
Cloud-Based Media Processing
Cloud-Based Media Processing Effortless media handling with bulk uploads, rapid transcoding, and efficient live stream setup.
AGM Managements | MultiTv BeLIVE
Unified Distribution & Storage
Unified Distribution & Storage Solution A singular solution for your video operations, encompassing storage and comprehensive CDN services.
Robust Content Protection | MultiTv | Creator
Robust Content Protection
Robust Content Protection Secure your content across multiple channels with MultiTV's cross-device DRM support for all significant DRM schemas.
Insightful Video Analytics | MultiTv | Creator
Insightful Video Analytics
Insightful Video Analytics Gain deep insights into engagement, syndications, and usage metrics to inform your content strategy.
Third Party Integration | MultiTv | Creator
Third-Party Integrations
Seamless Third-Party Integrations Easily integrate with ad servers, paywalls, storage solutions, CDNs, and more to expand reach and monetization potential.
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OTT Meets Cloud: A Seamless Integration Combining the agility of OTT with the robustness of Cloud Playout, reducing costs and enhancing content aggregation.
  • Cloud-native platform for OTT and Cloud Playout integration.
  • Minimize operational costs effectively.
  • Transform into a comprehensive content aggregator.
  • Offer diverse content from multiple platforms.
  • Ensure consistent viewer engagement.
  • Streamlined access to varied content for audiences.
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Content Access Anytime, Anywhere Delivering impactful content on-demand to engage audiences with interactive and localized features.
  • Live-to-VOD capabilities for an extended content life.
  • Clip sharing on social platforms for broader reach.
  • Interactive elements to boost audience engagement.
  • Create easily discoverable video libraries.
  • Auto-captioning for accessibility and localization.
  • Support for user-generated content integration.
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Measuring Success, Shaping Strategy Utilize advanced analytics to understand content performance and refine your audience engagement strategies.
  • Comprehensive performance and engagement reporting.
  • Essential insights for usage and content trends.
  • Track interactive engagement with polls and quizzes.
  • Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics for viewer retention.
  • Audience Sync for enhanced user data integration.
  • Feedback on resonating elements for strategy evolution.
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Fast, Reliable, Ready for All Experience ultra-fast transcoding and unmatched reliability with Creator, catering to global content delivery.
  • Rapid cloud-based encoding, including 4K and UHD.
  • Broad input and output file compatibility.
  • Industry-leading reliability for consistent performance.
  • On-demand video power for diverse platforms.
  • Efficient transcoding for a quicker ROI.
  • No upfront investment in a pay-per-use model.
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Effortless Encoding Integration Seamlessly integrate with our encoding platform in hours, backed by an easy-to-use API and world-class support.
  • Start encoding immediately with our platform.
  • Rapid, hassle-free integration process.
  • Well-documented API for streamlined development.
  • User-friendly API request builder.
  • Integration libraries for ease of use.
  • World-class support for a smooth integration experience.
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Optimizing Distribution Partnerships Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of distribution partners and app stores for strategic decision-making.
  • Insightful reports on third-party app store performance.
  • Effectiveness analysis of distribution partners.
  • Data on crucial distribution channels like Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Insights into Roku Channels and Amazon Prime Video performance.
  • Strategic analysis for informed distribution decisions.
  • Evaluate and enhance partner relationships.
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Monetization Tailored to Your Needs Choose from a range of monetization models to best suit your audience and content style.
  • Diverse monetization options: SVOD, TVOD, AVOD.
  • Robust Ad-Tech support for dynamic ad insertion.
  • Subscription management with pre-built integrations.
  • Content protection and secure streaming delivery.
  • Yield-optimized ad fulfilment for consistent monetization.
  • Optimized advertising strategies with Ad Insights.
  • Flexible hybrid monetization approaches.
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JKtyre with MultiTv | video streaming services

I have worked with MultiTV on ‘N’ number of webcast projects till now it has been great working with Team MultiTV, as they take complete ownership of the project that they do and they are really experts of their domain and that’s their USP as well.

Dhurv Tuteja(JK Tyre) Manager Digital Marketing JK Tyres
Samsung with MultiTv | ott media streaming

Thanks for your efforts on the F62 launch. It was executed very well, from the production to simulcast on multiple platforms. It is great to have MultiTV with us. I look forward to more opportunities of working together.

Ram Deshpande Vice-President, Digital Samsung
Leaders' Choice in Video Tech

Empowering unparalleled storytelling and audience engagement with
cutting-edge video technology.

As Apollo 2417, we have been associated with Multi- TV, doing our online property/show "Health Hour". The service and technical support received from Multi-TV is exceptional. Kushagr Sharma Marketing Manager Apollo24|7
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