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Revolutionize Your OTT Platform

The landscape of Over-The-Top (OTT) content delivery is evolving, demanding more from creators than ever before. As audiences crave richer, more accessible, and diversified content, the challenge isn't just about delivering; it's about captivating. This calls for a dynamic shift in how content is managed, presented, and enhanced to ensure compliance, accessibility, and engagement at every touchpoint. Enter the realm of improved OTT delivery with Key Moments, where automation meets innovation to streamline your content production, from automated subtitle generation to AI-driven content optimization, making every piece of content not just seen but experienced.



Key Features of Key Moments for OTT

  • Automated Subtitle Generation

  • AI-Driven Trailer Creation

  • Intro/Outro Smart Skip

  • Celebrity Recognition Automation

  • Content-Safe Filtering

  • Seamless Content Summarization

  • Real-Time Content Personalization

  • Enhanced Viewer Accessibility

  • Metadata Efficiency Boost

  • Content Compliance Assurance

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion & Replacement

  • Cross-Platform Content Adaptation

Automated Subtitling Streamline video content production with AI subtitles.
  • Enhances content accessibility
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing workflows
Trailer Generation Capitalize on AI to create engaging movie trailers automatically.
  • Saves production time and costs
  • Customizable for marketing needs
  • Enhances content discoverability
Efficient Content Navigation CImplement bright intro and outro skipping for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Improves viewer satisfaction
  • Ensures no interruption in storytelling
  • Adapts to viewer preferences
Celebrity Insights Automate celebrity metadata for enriched content engagement.
  • Facilitates easier content search
  • Enhances content metadata
  • Offers viewers deeper insights
Compliance and Safety Ensure content meets standards with automated filtering.
  • Maintains brand safety
  • Streamlines compliance processes
  • Protects viewer sensitivities

Why MultiTV for OTT

Content Innovation

Transform your OTT platform with Key Moments, utilizing AI to deliver content that's not only accessible but deeply engaging, setting new industry standards.

Operational Efficiency

Embrace efficiency with Key Moments, reducing manual labor through automation, from subtitling to content summarization, enhancing productivity and focus.

Strategic Insight

Unlock strategic content insights with Key Moments, utilizing data-driven decisions to refine your OTT offerings and captivate your audience like never before.