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Elevate Social Media Presence with AI Distribution

Revolutionize how your content adapts across social platforms with Key Moments' Social Media Distribution Tool. Our AI seamlessly transitions videos from landscape to portrait, ensuring no critical moment is missed.
<Intelligent Video Cropping | MultiTv | streaming software
Intelligent Video Cropping Maximize your content's impact on social media with our AI-driven cropping tool.
  • Automatically adjusts videos from landscape to portrait.
  • Scene analysis retains crucial elements in every frame.
  • Content-aware cropping for meaningful viewer engagement.
Human-Like Focus Adaptation Our tool's intuitive understanding of context mirrors human focus, keeping what matters most.
  • Emulates human perspective to maintain essential content.
  • Adapts videos without losing key visual information.
  • Guarantees the integrity of your content across all crops.
Human Like Focus Adaptation | MultiTv | program streaming
Streamlined Social Media Readiness | MultiTv | stream casting software
Streamlined Social Media Readiness Dedicate more time to creativity by automating the adaptation of your content for social networks.
  • Eliminates manual editing for platform-specific formats.
  • Speeds up content distribution across multiple channels.
  • Enhances marketing strategies with less effort and time.
Scalable Across All Media Use-Cases Designed for versatility, our tool supports a wide range of media applications.
  • Compatible with sports, entertainment, news, and more.
  • Scalable solution for content creators of all sizes.
  • Ensures your videos are always social-ready, regardless of the original format.
Scalable Across All Media | MultiTv | online web meeting
AI-Powered Video Engagement Step into the era of engaging video content with MultiTV’s Key Moments, an AI-infused platform transforming short video production. It redefines content sharing by offering crisp 4K live streaming, personalized graphics, and direct social media posting. Simplify your creative process with smart meta-tagging and easy editing, ensuring your videos perfectly align with audience expectations. Key Moments boosts viewer engagement, and leverages detailed analytics for strategic content enhancement.
Instant Key Moment Generation
Enhanced Video Content Compliance
Optimized Multi-Platform Video Resizing
AI-Enhanced Social Media Video Optimization
AI-Driven Production Efficiency Boost
AI-Powered Subtitle Generation for Enhanced Accessibility
Enhanced Scene Analysis for Captivating Highlights
Revolutionizing Ad Placement with Automation
Enhancing Brand Visibility with AI-Powered Logo Detection
Revolutionizing Content Discovery with Celebrity Recognition