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Streamlining Your Event Journey: From Registration to Connectivity

Begin your event journey on the right foot with BeLIVE's comprehensive registration and connectivity solutions. From intuitive online and on-site registration systems to advanced CRM tools and WhatsApp automation, we ensure a smooth start for hosts and attendees alike. Our platform enhances engagement and interaction, making every event an opportunity to connect and participate fully.
Simplified Registration and Ticketing Effortlessly manage attendee entry with our smart registration solutions.
  • Online and on-site registration options
  • Efficient ticketing system with real-time tracking
  • Accurate management for enhanced attendee categorization
Event CRM Integration Set the stage for successful engagement with powerful CRM capabilities.
  • Centralize contact management for personalized communication
  • Outline goals and coordinate strategies seamlessly
  • Facilitate smooth initial interactions between attendees
WhatsApp Communication Automation Keep attendees informed and engaged with automated updates.
  • Instant updates and notifications via WhatsApp
  • Coordination tools for teams and early stakeholder engagement
  • Seamless integration for a unified communication strategy
Mobile Event App Ensure constant engagement with an interactive mobile application.
  • Real-time updates and notifications
  • Interactive functionalities for networking and participation
  • Essential event information accessible on mobile devices
BeLIVE by MultiTV: Pioneering Virtual Event Engagement BeLIVE by MultiTV stands at the forefront of virtual and hybrid event technology, offering an unmatched platform for global engagement. It crafts immersive experiences that transcend traditional event boundaries, enabling organizers to connect with an international audience in profound ways. Utilize BeLIVE to make every event an engaging, memorable journey for participants worldwide.
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Enhanced Event Registration & Connectivity
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