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Ensuring Your Event's Success with Round-the-Clock Support

BeLIVE stands beside you at every step of your event's journey with dedicated customer assistance. From immediate real-time support to proactive notifications and a user-friendly tech chat, our goal is to ensure your experience is seamless. Benefit from our comprehensive support system, designed to solve problems efficiently and keep your event running smoothly.
Real-Time Support and Guidance Experience unparalleled support when you need it most.
  • 24/7 access to customer service representatives
  • Immediate assistance for urgent event-related issues
  • Proactive guidance to prevent common challenges
Resourceful Knowledge Base Empower your event planning with our extensive guides and tutorials.
  • Detailed introduction and how-to videos
  • Comprehensive FAQ section covering a wide range of topics
  • Tips and best practices for event success
Responsive Technical Chat Support Get quick answers to technical queries with our live chat support.
  • Instant access to technical experts
  • User-friendly interface for accessible communication
  • Efficient resolution of technical glitches
Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loop We value your feedback to enhance our support services continually.
  • Customer surveys to gather insights on support experience
  • Regular updates and upgrades based on user feedback
  • Commitment to excellence in customer service
BeLIVE by MultiTV: Crafting Immersive Virtual and Hybrid Events Worldwide BeLIVE by MultiTV offers a scalable, fully customized platform for virtual and hybrid events that transcends geographical boundaries. Designed to create immersive experiences, it enables organizers to communicate, engage, and connect with a global audience like never before. With BeLIVE, every event is an opportunity to deliver impactful and memorable experiences, ensuring participants from around the world feel as though they're in the room, regardless of their physical location.
Universal Brand Display Across Devices
Versatile Event Session Formats
Prioritizing Audience Engagement
Inclusive and Accessible Events
Strategic Event Content Utilization
Enhanced Event Registration & Connectivity
Comprehensive Event Data Insights
Dedicated Customer Assistance