Momentus for E-Sports and Gaming

Elevate e-sports and gaming content with dynamic highlights and real-time streaming
that captivate audiences.

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E-sports & Gaming Highlights

Elevate Your Gaming Content In the vibrant world of e-sports and gaming, capturing those unforgettable moments of triumph and skill is essential but often daunting. Gamers and streamers strive to highlight their best plays and victories to share with an ever-growing audience. Yet, the challenge lies in the time-consuming process of video editing and content distribution. Here's where the game changes: a revolutionary approach that harnesses AI to automatically generate highlight reels from your streams, putting the focus back on gameplay rather than post-production. Transform your gaming experiences into engaging, shareable content effortlessly with Key Moments, making every win a personal achievement and a shared spectacle.



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Key Features of Key Moments for E-sports & Gaming

  • AI-Generated Gaming Highlights

  • Real-Time Clip Generation

  • Multi-Platform Support

  • Custom Highlight Packages

  • Automated Social Sharing

  • Broad Game Compatibility

  • Time-Saving Content Creation

  • Personalized Gameplay Clips

  • Audience Engagement Tools

  • Streamlined Content Distribution

  • Simplified Video Editing

  • Enhanced Visibility & Reach

AI-Powered Highlights Automatically capture your top plays and epic wins.
  • Tailors content for gamer-specific highlights
  • Supports a wide range of e-sports titles
  • Enhances viewer engagement with dynamic clips
Effortless Content Production Focus on your gameplay; let AI handle the rest.
  • Frees up hours of manual video editing
  • Creates an archived library of top moments
  • Facilitates easy clip trimming and manipulation
Real-Time Distribution Share your gaming prowess across channels instantly.
    • Connects with major platforms like Twitch and YouTube
    • Enables immediate highlight sharing on social media
    • Expand your content's reach and audience
Customizable Clip Creation Customizable Clip Creation Craft unique highlight reels that showcase your skills.
  • Personalize clips with easy editing tools
  • Highlight your unique gaming style and strategies
  • Stand out in the competitive gaming community
Amplified Online Presence Amplified Online Presence Increase visibility and open doors to new opportunities.
  • Attracts sponsorships and collaborations
  • Builds a loyal following with engaging content
  • Positions you as a prominent figure in gaming

Why MultiTV for E-sports & Gaming

Innovative Content Tools

Empower your gaming journey with Key Moments by MultiTV, featuring AI that transforms your streams into highlight reels, catapulting your content beyond the game.

Streamlined Production

Reduce the hours spent on editing with our intelligent clip generation, ensuring your focus remains on gameplay while we amplify your digital footprint.

Engagement Amplified

Boost your audience interaction and explore new opportunities with personalized, AI-enhanced gaming clips that capture the essence of your e-sports prowess.