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Enhanced Video Content Compliance

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Enhanced Content Compliance

Elevate your content's safety and compliance with Key Moments' Enhanced Content Compliance. This feature ensures your broadcasts meet regulatory standards by efficiently identifying and mitigating sensitive content risks.
Automated Content Moderation Implement advanced automated moderation to maintain high compliance standards across all content.
  • Identifies and addresses compliance issues in real time.
  • Works with live and recorded content to ensure safety.
  • Prioritizes risk reduction by identifying sensitive content.
  • Guarantees a safer viewing experience through efficient content screening.
Automated Content Moderation | MultiTv | multi streaming platforms
Sensitive Content Detection | MultiTv |
Sensitive Content Detection Leverage our sophisticated detection algorithms to identify and take action against non-compliant content elements.
  • Detects sensitive insights like drinking, smoking, and nudity.
  • Employs image recognition and activity detection for comprehensive analysis.
  • Offers options to detect or automatically blur sensitive content.
Streamlined Compliance Process Key Moments simplifies compliance, offering tools to react appropriately to detected content.
  • Provides actionable insights for detected sensitive content.
  • Offers automated solutions for content blurring or removal.
  • Ensures content adheres to regulatory and audience standards.
Streamlined Compliance Process | MultiTv |
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Enhanced Video Content Compliance
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