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Adaptable Formats for Every Event Type BeLIVE accommodates every event format from live, hybrid to fully virtual settings, ensuring dynamic session delivery that caters to your specific needs. Embrace flexibility with formats ranging from in-person discussions to virtual networking and pre-recorded content, all designed to enrich your event's appeal. Our technology bridges geographical gaps, enabling a truly global reach for your events.
Hybrid Event Capabilities Seamlessly blend in-person and online experiences to maximize your event's reach.
  • Simultaneous live and virtual sessions
  • Interactive features for online participants
  • Unified content delivery for all attendees
Diverse Content Delivery Engage your audience with a variety of session types tailored to your event's goals.
  • Live streaming and pre-recorded options
  • Video-on-demand for easy content access
  • Simulive sessions for interactive experiences
Interactive Virtual Spaces Create immersive environments that foster engagement and networking.
  • Virtual breakout rooms for targeted discussions
  • Interactive polls and Q&A sessions
  • Virtual networking lounges for enhanced connectivity
Transform Your Events with BeLIVE by MultiTV's Virtual Solutions BeLIVE by MultiTV is your gateway to creating unforgettable virtual and hybrid events that captivate audiences across the globe. Our platform is engineered for versatility and immersion, allowing event organizers to craft interactions that resonate deeply with attendees. Choose BeLIVE to make every online gathering remarkable, breaking the barriers of physical distance.
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Versatile Event Session Formats
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