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M-FAST: Revolutionizing Broadcasting Dynamics

M-FAST transforms the broadcasting experience, offering a powerful blend of on-premise reliability and cutting-edge functionality for media delivery. Designed to cater to modern broadcasting requirements, M-FAST empowers users with comprehensive asset management, innovative monetisation strategies, enhanced viewer engagement, adaptable scheduling, and creative broadcast graphics. It's the ultimate solution for broadcasters aiming to streamline operations while delivering captivating content efficiently and effectively. Book a Demo

Core Capabilities of M-FAST Solution

Explore the Pinnacle of Video Management and Monetization with MultiTV M-FAST'S Advanced Features.

Live Event Advertising | MultiTv | M Fast
Live Event Advertising
Live Event Advertising Maximize audience reach during live events with M-FAST, enhancing linear TV's dynamic appeal
Engaging Older Demographics | MultiTv | M Fast
Engaging Older Demographics
Engaging Older Demographics M-FAST effectively targets baby boomers, capitalizing on their higher linear TV consumption rates
Strategic Airtime Segmentation | MultiTv | M Fast
Strategic Airtime Segmentation
Strategic Airtime Segmentation With M-FAST, strategically target viewers by channel or airtime for more effective reach
Boosting Brand Visibility | MultiTv | M Fast
Boosting Brand Visibility
Boosting Brand Visibility Increase brand discovery and visibility across platforms using M-FAST's expansive network.
Performance & Customization | MultiTv | M Fast
Performance & Customization
Optimized Performance & Customization With M-FAST, high performance meets customization for a streamlined broadcasting experience.
Rapid Playout Efficiency | MultiTv | M Fast
Rapid Playout Efficiency
Rapid Playout Efficiency Experience swift, efficient playouts with M-FAST, optimizing your content delivery.
Insightful Video Analytics | MultiTv | M Fast
Insightful Video Analytics
Intuitive User Interface M-FAST boasts a user-friendly interface, simplifying content management and control.
Focused TV Targeting | MultiTv | M Fast
Focused TV Targeting
Focused TV Targeting Target specific TV audiences with M-FAST for more impactful and relevant ad placements.
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Efficient Media Asset Management Streamline your asset workflow with M-FAST’s comprehensive management system.
  • Directly upload via FTP, SFTP, Azure, AWS S3, or use the dashboard for manual uploads.
  • Supports a wide array of formats, including MOV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, and more.
  • In-built quality checks immediately verify content playability.
  • Facilitates detailed asset management with options for preview, metadata editing, and tagging.
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Dynamic Monetization and Advertising Maximise revenue with M-FAST's sophisticated advertising and monetisation tools.
  • Leverage SSAI & CSAI for enhanced ad integration and higher CPMs.
  • Utilise header bidding technology for efficient ad source management.
  • Offers diverse monetisation models, supporting live, VOD, DRM, SVOD, and TVOD.
  • Facilitates both instream and out-stream ad capabilities.
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Viewer Engagement Boosted by Analytics Deepen viewer connections and gain insights with M-FAST’s analytics.
  • Automated playlists and motion thumbnails captivate and retain attention.
  • Special event content hubs increase viewer engagement.
  • Ensures content is accessible to all viewers, adhering to FCC & WCAG guidelines.
  • Provides comprehensive analytics for strategic content and advertising optimisation.
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Flexible Scheduling for Seamless Broadcasting Optimise your broadcast schedule with M-FAST’s intuitive scheduling features.
  • The drag-and-drop interface simplifies playlist creation for daily/weekly schedules.
  • Supports playlist import from EPG, XML-EPG, and BATS native playlists, alerting you to any missing content.
  • Emergency content setup and easy segmentation enhance broadcast reliability.
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Advanced Graphics for Compelling Broadcasts Elevate your broadcasts with M-FAST’s state-of-the-art graphics.
  • Multi-layered templates and interactive visual effects like L-bands and tickers enrich the viewer experience.
  • Picture-in-picture effects and customizable graphic designs tailor broadcasts to your brand.
  • Dynamic content delivery options add value and engagement to every broadcast.
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I have worked with MultiTV on ‘N’ number of webcast projects till now it has been great working with Team MultiTV, as they take complete ownership of the project that they do and they are really experts of their domain and that’s their USP as well.

Dhurv Tuteja(JK Tyre) Manager Digital Marketing JK Tyres

Thanks for your efforts on the F62 launch. It was executed very well, from the production to simulcast on multiple platforms. It is great to have MultiTV with us. I look forward to more opportunities of working together.

Ram Deshpande Vice-President, Digital Samsung
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As Apollo 2417, we have been associated with Multi- TV, doing our online property/show "Health Hour". The service and technical support received from Multi-TV is exceptional. Kushagr Sharma Marketing Manager Apollo24|7
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