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Momentus: Revolutionize Video Engagement

Unlock the power of video with MultiTV's Momentus, an AI-driven platform that simplifies creating and sharing impactful short videos. Elevate your content delivery with up to 4K live streaming, customizable designs, and real-time social media integration. Streamline your workflow with automated meta-tagging, editing, and a user-friendly interface that ensures your content always hits the mark. Momentus is designed to keep your audience engaged and grow your platform, offering detailed analytics for strategic insights. Transform your video content into memorable moments that captivate and expand your audience with ease. Book a Demo

Many Industries, One Solution: Key Moments

Transform every sector with Key Moments, the all-encompassing platform designed to amplify engagement, streamline content creation, and unlock new revenue opportunities. Experience the future of digital content across diverse industries.

Sports Broadcasters | MultiTv Key Moments | ai video making
Sports Broadcasters
Sports Broadcasters Empower sports broadcasters to captivate audiences and boost monetization through real-time, personalized video highlights seamlessly shared across platforms.
Sports Federation | MultiTv Key Moments | create video with ai
Sports Federation
Sports Federation Key Moments revolutionizes fan engagement for sports federations by effortlessly generating and distributing real-time highlights and critical moments across over 30 platforms.
Entertainment | MultiTv Key Moments | generate ai video
Entertainment With Key Moments, you can revolutionize your audience's viewing experience and carve new revenue paths by automating the creation of engaging teasers and promos from your library.
News | MultiTv Key Moments | create video using ai
News Enhance news content consumption with Key Moments by effortlessly creating and sharing bite-sized, platform-optimized news clips to capture viewer interest instantly.
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Momentus: Elevate Your Video Strategy Unlock video innovation with Momentus by MultiTV, an AI-driven solution transforming short video creation and sharing.
Esports Games Highlights
Event Highlights
Social Media Videos
Sports Highlights
Instant Key Moment Generation Effortlessly produce and share engaging bite-sized videos instantly across platforms with Key Moments.
  • Automate highlight creation in real time.
  • Tailor content for diverse platforms effortlessly.
  • Boost engagement with AI-generated video highlights.
  • Seamless integration for sports, e-sports, entertainment, and news.
  • Drive significant audience engagement and retention.
  • Achieve measurable returns on content creation.
  • Simplify content distribution with auto-publishing features.
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Enhanced Video Content Compliance Automatically identify and manage sensitive content, ensuring compliance and a safer viewing environment.
  • Automated detection of inappropriate or sensitive content.
  • Immediate mitigation of potential compliance issues.
  • Suitable for both live broadcasts and recorded content.
  • Utilize AI and ML for efficient content moderation.
  • API-driven for seamless integration and tagging.
  • Elevate content safety and viewer trust.
  • Streamline compliance workflows for efficiency.
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Optimized Multi-Platform Video Resizing Ensure your videos fit perfectly on any device with dynamic resizing for broader reach and enhanced viewer engagement.
  • Automatically adjust videos to fit various screen sizes.
  • Preserve key visual elements during resizing.
  • Swift adaptation for mobile and social platforms.
  • Multi-aspect ratio compatibility for diverse channels.
  • Streamline content delivery across devices.
  • Enhance viewer experience with device-friendly formats.
  • Facilitate seamless content distribution.
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AI-Enhanced Social Media Video Optimization Maximise social media impact with AI-driven video cropping, ensuring Key Moments are always focused for engaging, platform-ready content.
  • Automated landscape to portrait video cropping.
  • Scene-by-scene analysis for content integrity.
  • Human-like focus emulation to highlight crucial elements.
  • Context-aware cropping for impactful storytelling.
  • A time-saving solution for social media content adaptation.
  • Boost marketing strategies with optimized video content.
  • Scalable across diverse media use cases for maximum reach.
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AI-Driven Production Efficiency Boost Elevate content production with Key Moments, utilising AI to reduce costs and manual effort, streamlining workflows for dynamic video creation.
  • Integrates AI for automated production and editing.
  • Enhances workflows with cognitive computing.
  • Generates digital-ready video highlights effortlessly.
  • Empower content owners to extract key moments.
  • Unlocks new revenue streams through intelligent editing.
  • Connects with audiences across multiple platforms.
  • Part of a comprehensive ecosystem for versatile video content transformation.
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AI-Powered Subtitle Generation for Enhanced Accessibility Transform your video content with Key Moments, featuring an AI-driven subtitle generator for automatic, accurate subtitling across all content types.
  • Automatically generates subtitles for diverse video content.
  • Utilizes speech-to-text analysis for precise subtitle creation.
  • Offers a fully automated subtitling process for efficiency.
  • Enhances content accessibility and engagement.
  • Boosts social media presence through subtitled videos.
  • Saves significant time compared to manual subtitling.
  • Supports movies, interviews, podcasts, and user-generated content.
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Enhanced Scene Analysis for Captivating Highlights Leverage Key Moments for deep contextual understanding, ensuring no thrilling moment is missed with our scene-level analysis.
  • Precise scene-level analysis captures every pivotal moment.
  • Identifies and highlights the most thrilling game segments.
  • Ensures no critical moment is overlooked in highlights.
  • Utilizes advanced algorithms for accurate moment selection.
  • Enhances viewer engagement with captivating content.
  • Ideal for sports, e-sports, and entertainment highlights.
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Revolutionizing Ad Placement with Automation Transform your ad strategy with our Automated Video Ad Detection and Replacement solution, making content and ads more relevant and engaging.
  • Automatically identifies ad pods in live and VoD content.
  • Utilizes Cognitive Computing for precise ad detection and swapping.
  • Eliminates manual ad slot syncing, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Supports a wide range of content, from movies and TV shows to sports events.
  • Ensures content and advertisements are perfectly aligned for audiences.
  • Integrates smoothly into your content production pipeline for seamless operation.
  • Empowers advertisers and delights viewers with targeted ad placements.
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Enhancing Brand Visibility with AI-Powered Logo Detection Elevate your branding strategy with our AI-based Logo Detection solution, ensuring your brand is recognized accurately across media.
  • Precise logo detection across TV shows, movies, and sports events.
  • AI-driven recognition for context-aware branding opportunities.
  • Comprehensive control over logo placements for optimal brand visibility.
  • Advanced pattern analysis to ensure meaningful brand integration.
  • Utilizes computer vision for high-accuracy logo identification.
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing production workflows.
  • Offers detailed insights on branding effectiveness and safety.
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Revolutionizing Content Discovery with Celebrity Recognition Transform your streaming experience with structured celebrity face recognition metadata, enhancing user engagement and content discoverability.
  • Automates grouping of celebrity metadata across various content.
  • Facilitates easy access to information on celebrities within scenes.
  • Generates clear thumbnails for seamless actor identification.
  • Allows viewers to explore all characters portrayed by their favorite actors.
  • Enables quick discovery of key scenes featuring specific celebrities.
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I have worked with MultiTV on ‘N’ number of webcast projects till now it has been great working with Team MultiTV, as they take complete ownership of the project that they do and they are really experts of their domain and that’s their USP as well.

Dhurv Tuteja(JK Tyre) Manager Digital Marketing JK Tyres

Thanks for your efforts on the F62 launch. It was executed very well, from the production to simulcast on multiple platforms. It is great to have MultiTV with us. I look forward to more opportunities of working together.

Ram Deshpande Vice-President, Digital Samsung
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Empowering unparalleled storytelling and audience engagement with
cutting-edge video technology.

As Apollo 2417, we have been associated with Multi- TV, doing our online property/show "Health Hour". The service and technical support received from Multi-TV is exceptional. Kushagr Sharma Marketing Manager Apollo24|7
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