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Transforming Web Stories

Engaging audiences in the fast-paced digital era demands more than static content; it requires captivating, interactive stories that grab attention and don't let go. Traditional web stories often need more dynamic engagement to captivate and hold audience interest. With the rise of visual storytelling, creating immersive, clickable content that tells a story through words and action has become crucial. Key Moments leverages AI to automatically turn your live or archived videos into compelling web stories, inviting every swipe to explore more. This is storytelling redefined, where your content not only exists but lives, breathes, and interacts with your audience, turning viewers into active participants.



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Key Features of Key Moments for Web Stories

  • AI-Driven Content Analysis

  • Automatic Meta-Tag Generation

  • Real-Time Short-Form Video Creation

  • Content-Aware Video Resizing

  • Direct Publishing to Google Web Stories

  • Interactive, Tappable Story Formats

  • Custom Template Integration

  • Ball Tracking for Sports Highlights

  • Episodic Content Updates

  • Clickable Ads for Monetization

  • High Conversion User Interaction

  • Seamless Content Stream Ingestion

Instant Story Generation Automatically convert videos into engaging web stories with AI.
  • Captures key moments for story highlights
  • Supports multiple video formats for easy ingestion
  • Generates interactive, episodic content
Interactive Engagement DCreate stories that invite user interaction and deeper exploration.
  • Tappable elements for immersive storytelling
  • Encourages audience participation and engagement
  • Enhances user experience with interactive formats
Seamless Publishing Directly publish your stories to Google Web Stories, ensuring comprehensive visibility.
  • Automated publishing for efficiency
  • Uses custom templates for brand consistency
  • Integrates seamlessly with web platforms
Dynamic Resizing and Tracking SEnsure your content is perfectly framed, regardless of the format.
  • Auto-resizes videos while keeping the focus on key elements
  • Utilizes AI for object tracking in sports content
  • Adapts stories for mobile viewing
Monetization Opportunities Monetize your web stories with integrated, clickable ads.
  • Drives revenue through engaging ad placements
  • Encourages direct audience conversion
  • Supports various ad formats for flexibility

Why MultiTV for Web Stories

Revolutionary Storytelling

Key Moments brings your content to life, transforming videos into interactive web stories that capture and retain audience attention.

Effortless Publication

With automated processing and direct publishing, we streamline the creation and sharing of web stories, maximizing your content's reach

Engagement and Revenue

Boost both audience engagement and monetization through our platform, offering interactive stories and strategic ad integration.