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Elevate Your Conference Experience

Gone are the days when conferences were confined to auditoriums, limiting participation to those who could physically attend. In a world where knowledge sharing and networking know no boundaries, your conference deserves a platform that broadens its horizons and enhances interaction and engagement, making every session, workshop, and keynote a moment of global connection. With BeLIVE, transform your conference into a dynamic, inclusive event that transcends geographical limitations, inviting thought leaders and attendees worldwide to collaborate, learn, and grow together. BeLIVE ensures your conference is a beacon of innovation and community, setting a new standard for connecting and engaging in the digital age.



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Key Features of BeLIVE for Conferences

  • Global Live Broadcasting

  • Interactive Workshops and Sessions

  • Virtual Networking Opportunities

  • Customizable Branding for Sponsors

  • Seamless Multi-Platform Streaming

  • Real-Time Audience Interaction

  • On-Demand Content Access

  • Secure, Encrypted Participation

  • Dynamic Engagement Tools

  • Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

  • Eco-Friendly Digital Solutions

  • Dedicated Technical Support

Worldwide Participation Invite speakers and attendees from across the globe to share and collaborate.
  • Broaden conference accessibility
  • Connect global experts and attendees
  • Foster international collaboration
Engaging Interactive Sessions Maximize attendee participation with interactive features.
  • Encourage live Q&A and feedback
  • Host breakout sessions and panels
  • Enhance learning and engagement
Virtual Networking Create opportunities for meaningful connections.
  • Facilitate one-on-one meetings
  • Offer virtual networking lounges
  • Support business card exchange
Sponsor Visibility Offer sponsors innovative branding opportunities.
  • Customized virtual exhibition booths
  • Targeted sponsor messages
  • Interactive sponsor sessions
Sustainable Solutions Reduce your conference's carbon footprint with digital solutions.
  • Eliminate paper waste
  • Reduce travel-related emissions
  • Support eco-friendly practices

Why MultiTV for Conferences

Innovative Platform

Redefine the conference experience with BeLIVE, leveraging cutting-edge technology for unmatched global interaction and learning.

Unmatched Expertise

Trust in MultiTV's expertise to seamlessly bring your conference to life, with end-to-end support ensuring a flawless execution.

Strategic Analytics

With BeLIVE's advanced analytics, gain deep insights into attendee behavior and preferences, optimizing your conference strategy for success.