Prioritizing Audience

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Elevating Engagement with Interactive Innovations Engage your audience like never before with BeLIVE's extensive suite of interactive and gamification tools. From leaderboards and badges to live polls and quizzes, our features keep participants active, attentive, and fully immersed. With seamless integration into your events, we ensure that every moment is an opportunity for engagement, making each attendee a part of the interactive experience.
Gamification Tools Drive participant interaction through fun and engaging gamification.
  • Leaderboards to foster a competitive spirit
  • Badges and certifications for milestone achievements
  • Interactive challenges to keep attendees engaged
Live Interaction Enhancers Maximize attendee participation with real-time engagement tools.
  • Live polls and quizzes for instant feedback
  • Choose-your-own-path videos for a personalized journey
  • Emoji reactions, chat functionalities, and crowd reactions to capture real-time sentiments
User-Friendly Networking Solutions Make meaningful connections effortlessly with BeLIVE's easy-to-use networking features.
  • User profiles that integrate across events
  • Private and group chat options
  • Virtual business card exchanges
Global Event Innovation: BeLIVE by MultiTV's Virtual Platform Introducing BeLIVE by MultiTV, the cutting-edge platform redefining the possibilities of virtual and hybrid events. Tailored for international engagement, it allows organizers to break free from geographical constraints and deliver experiences that are engaging, interactive, and unforgettable. With BeLIVE, transform your events into global phenomena where every attendee feels present and engaged.
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Prioritizing Audience Engagement
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