BeLIVE for Film Festivals

Bring the magic of film festivals to a global audience with live streaming and interactive features
that enhance viewer engagement.

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Transform Your Film Festival into a Global Phenomenon

Embrace the digital transformation of film festivals with a solution that extends your reach beyond the traditional cinema halls to a worldwide audience. Today's challenge is not just about showcasing films but creating an immersive, interactive experience that captivates cinema enthusiasts everywhere. Enter the era of digital film fests with BeLIVE, where every screening becomes an opportunity for global connection, discussion, and celebration. This platform elevates your film festival, ensuring filmmakers and audiences alike can share in the magic of cinema, regardless of their physical location. Make your festival the global stage for the world's best cinema.



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Key Features of BeLIVE for Film Fests

  • Worldwide Film Streaming

  • Interactive Filmmaker Panels

  • Audience Voting and Feedback

  • High-Definition Screening Quality

  • Virtual Red Carpet Events

  • Customizable Viewing Rooms

  • Live Q&A Sessions

  • Social Media Integration

  • On-Demand Film Access

  • Secure, Encrypted Viewing

  • Detailed Audience Analytics

  • 24/7 Technical and Customer Support

Global Audience Reach Connect with film enthusiasts and critics across the globe.
  • Break down geographical barriers
  • Increase festival attendance virtually
  • Showcase international cinema talent
Interactive Experience Engage audiences with live discussions and filmmaker Q&As.
  • Foster direct filmmaker-audience interaction
  • Facilitate live feedback and discussions
  • Enhance the festival experience
Virtual Celebrations Host virtual red-carpet events and award ceremonies.
  • Recreate the glamour of film festivals online
  • Celebrate cinematic achievements globally
  • Amplify excitement and participation
On-Demand Access Provide flexible viewing options for a global audience.
  • Extend the life of film screenings
  • Offer films on-demand post-festival
  • Cater to different time zones
Data-Driven Insights Use analytics to understand audience preferences and trends.
  • Gain insights into viewing patterns
  • Measure engagement and feedback
  • Tailor future festivals for success

Why MultiTV for Film Fests

Cinematic Innovation

BeLIVE brings groundbreaking technology to film festivals, offering an immersive, inclusive viewing experience for every film enthusiast.

Expert Support

With MultiTV, gain peace of mind with our expert team's guidance, ensuring your film festival runs smoothly from start to finish.

Strategic Engagement

Capitalize on detailed analytics with BeLIVE to understand your audience better, enhancing engagement and setting the stage for future success.