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Powerful tools & features to engage your audience during virtual exhibition & trade shows


Customized exhibit booths for all your sponsors, and exhibitors.


Immersive exhibit booths, attractive lobbies, engaging 3D environment.


Exclusive promotional spots for your sponsors.


Distribute e-brochures via emails, agenda sheets, and exhibitor booths.

Video Conferencing

Live 1:1 or group chat rooms, audio/video conferencing between exhibitors and attendees.


Unlimited and simple registration process.

Virtual Exhibition and Trade Shows

Customized and scalable booths

Make a lasting impression on customers with creative ways of showcasing your products

  • Wide range of template designs.
  • Exchange digital business cards.
  • 3D Product demos and presentations.
  • Diverse product collections (includes images, and documents).
  • Creative ways to distribute product catalogue.
customize and s6calable booths
Seamlessly engage with the audience

Seamlessly engage with the audience

Create an unforgettable interactive experience for attendees with our powerful engagement tools

  • Live chat/video calling between attendees and exhibitors.
  • Meeting & breakout rooms for product demos.
  • Create interesting games and contests.
  • AI-enabled matchmaking between attendees and exhibitors.

Creative tools to showcase your event and sponsors

Get a headstart on marketing with virtual collateral and showcase your event in the best light possible

  • Pre-event promotion and marketing.
  • Create Awareness of the brands (E-brochures, videos, and links).
  • Virtual collateral for detailed information about your exhibition.
  • Stay on top of mind with social media content, show announcements, and highlights.
Creative tools to showcase your event and sponsors
Analysis of your virtual exhibition

Analysis of your virtual exhibition

Gain valuable insights from your audience feedback and connect with your customers on a deeper level

  • Real-time data tracking.
  • Survey report.
  • Audience feedback.
  • Booth level engagement data.

Multiple tools to monetize your exhibition and showcase your sponsors

Get sponsorships with a variety of budgets by giving your event an edge over the competition

  • Integrate enticing logos on booths.
  • Feature sponsors in high traffic zone.
  • Showcase sponsors during breaks.
  • Showcase your sponsor on email and invitation templates.
Multiple tools to monetize your exhibition and showcase your sponsors
effortless registrations

Effortless registrations

Get your event off the ground with a strong start and attract maximum registrations to your event

  • Pre-event communications to get attendees to sign-up.
  • Hassle-free unlimited sign-ups.
  • Set up a global registration process in advance.
  • Multiple payment options.

Hassle free payment procedure

Diversified, safe and secure payment modes for a global audience

  • Secured payment gateway.
  • Pay via preferred currency.
  • Multiple ticketing options.
  • Variety of payment options.
hassle free registration

Powerful tools and features to engage your audience virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

Why virtual exhibition and tradeshows?

  • Increased ROI - A virtual exhibition can be a fraction of the cost of a traditional trade show, but deliver the same or even better results.
  • Greater Reach - Virtual exhibitions can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.
  • More Engaging - Traditional trade shows can be quite stale, especially when you’re stuck in a booth all day. Virtual exhibitions are far more engaging, embedded with features like video chats and interactive exhibits.
  • Increased Leads - Leads generated from virtual exhibitions were about 25% higher than those generated from traditional exhibitions.

What tools do you have to create an engaging experience at my exhibition?

We have so many tools to help you make your exhibition engaging such as

  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Customizable lobbies

You will have real-time stats on attendees along with their demographic information available at any moment during or after setup.

How MultiTV will help in promoting exhibitions globally?

  • You can build a custom website for your exhibition.
  • We offer a seamless registration and payment system.
  • Create quick video and social media promotion using our platform.
  • Setup landing page and create marketing collatorals.
  • Send email to your subscribers.

How do I boost sales conversion during my virtual exhibition and trade show?

We have some of the best tools to boost your sales conversion during a virtual exhibition.

  • Data analysis and tracking to help you target the right audience.
  • On-the-spot virtual shopping cart to your booth The immersive 3D booth is accessible to all.
  • Ensure visitors get a seamless experience through
  • Intuitive product catalogs for a seamless product experience
  • Chat, audio, and video call options to connect with the sales representatives for a better understanding of the product.