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Powerful tools and features for a continuous engagement with your fanbase

HD quality live streaming

HD or 4K streaming, content delivery network (CDN).


Record your concert and create an offsite backup.


Protect your content from unauthorized access.


Geographical report, no of viewers, time spent by viewers.

Dry run

Check error and glitches before an actual event occurs.

Engagement tools

Photo booth, autograph wall, and gamification.

Virtual Hybrid Concert

Immersive virtual environment

Delight your audience and bring imagination into reality

  • 3D virtual lobby.
  • Interactive exhibits booths.
  • 3D character avatars.
  • Chroma set up.
  • Photorealistic modeling.
  • Green screen.
Immersive virtual environment
Build community of your Fans

Build community of your Fans

Build in community and create an interactive experience where viewers can chat and interact with the hosts

  • Live poll, quizzes.
  • Gamification.
  • Autograph wall.
  • Photo booth.
  • Stream live/pre-recorded sessions.

Keep your viewers engaged and entertained

Grow your fanbase with a continuous engagement

  • Seamless social announcements and livestreaming.
  • 3D booths to replicate a real-life concert experience.
  • Intuitive concert agenda.
  • Promote your concert sponsors during the event.
Keep your viewers engaged and entertained

Pre and post-event activities

Varying forms of marketing strategies to ensure the success of your virtual concert

  • Advertising through social media platforms.
  • Run contests relevant to the event.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Early-bird discounts and special offers.
  • Post-event mail scheduling.

Alluring content to attract your audience

Present tempting content across all the channels to develop an interest in your event

  • Digital gift bags(video content, e-gift cards).
  • E-brochures.
  • Recorded video library.
  • Downloadable content.

Monitor engagement during your concert

Monitor the progress of the entire event and generate the report for future reference

  • Actual participation and attendance.
  • Detailed statistical report.
  • Generate ROI report.
  • Progress and journey of the viewers.

Powerful tools and features to engage your audience virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

How to host a successful virtual concert?

Here are some tips to help make your virtual concert a success.

  • The most important thing which needs to keep in mind for a successful Virtual Concert is that you have to implement and choose advanced technology for your concert design a plan to monetize your performances across the channels.
  • Consider scheduling virtual shows during off-peak hours when there will be more viewers on hand and less competition from other popular streaming services.
  • Plan by considering what times of day might work best with regards to backlash against competing events happening simultaneously.
  • Keep your viewers intact during the event. Delight your fans with multiple engagement activities.
  • To avoid glitches during the concert, do a test stream before the actual show. This dry run will give your confidence a boost and help you to host a seamless concert.

What key features MultiTV has for virtual concert?

Our virtual concert platform is embedded with unique features. We ensure you the exclusive virtual concert platform which is required for a successful concert.

  • HD Audio/Video Quality
  • Chroma Set up
  • Green Screen
  • Unlimited Viewers Limit
  • Paywall and Monetization
  • VIP Lounges
  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Autograph Wall
  • Photo Booths
  • Secured Payment Gateway

How to promote virtual concert?

Effective concert promotion plan has be designed in a planned way. The most important thing to remember is to actively engage your audience and don’t over promote by only discussing ticket and album sales.

  • Offering online ticket sales
  • Connecting on social media
  • Leveraging the influence of others to drive increased attendance
  • Using your own website to connect directly with fans
  • Advertising your concert on event calendars