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Powerful tools and features to make your virtual product launch a smashing success

Social Media

Stream across all social media platforms.


Real-time engagement data on your product launch.


Use aston bands, backdrop, video inserts, and other branding options.


Create an immersive experience for your audience with our virtual environment, HD video streaming.


Launch preparation support including camera setup, fabrication, sound and light set up, and chroma backdrop.

Event moderation

Multiple levels of event moderation and collaboration.

Virtual Product Launch Solution

Create a unique product launch experience

Enable your customer to interact with your product in a new way

  • Dynamically showcase your product.
  • Attractive event booths.
  • Highly converting and engaging templates library.
  • Stream demo videos across channels.

Boost engagement during product launch

Keep your audience entertained and engaged throughout your product launch

  • Seamless streaming across all social media platforms.
  • Interact with attendees with live Q&A sessions.
  • Audio/video chat with a sales representative.
  • Creative social wall to keep the audience entertained.
  • Quizzes, games, and contests to engage your audience.

Captivating branding options

Showcase your product in a creative way & capture the attention of potential customers

  • Animated Lobby.
  • Creative banners with the company's logo.
  • GIFs and Images for branding.
  • E-brochures circulate to build momentum for the product.

AI-enabled engagement tools

Create an immersive experience with our AR/VR tools

  • Real-world simulations.
  • Integrated with 3D models.
  • Specialize in producing AR and VR content.
  • Drive conversion with simulating content.

Real-time insights

Capture a bird's eye view of your booth performance. Analyze traffic trends throughout the event

  • Track-booth wise performance.
  • Detailed geographical analysis.
  • Monitor traffic trends throughout the event.
  • Real-time analytical data.

Strategize post-launch activities

Understand your launch event engagement and personalize post-launch activities

  • Run social media and email surveys.
  • Send a newsletter to your attendees via our platform.
  • Keep booths alive post-event.
  • Build continuous engagement, and launch secondary offers.
  • Get feedback via forms.

Powerful tools and features to engage your audience virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make your virtual product launch successful?

  • The most important thing to keep in mind to make a successful product launch is to opt for the right platform that will help to promote events and find potential customers in attendance.
  • The best product launches are interactive, entertaining events that keep your audience engaged.
  • Be mindful of when and where your campaign will be most effective.
  • Promote your business through a wide range of channels with valuable and promotional content on all social media platforms and create a buzz around.
  • Creating a post-event engagement strategy focuses on connecting with the leads and audience members who attended. Drive a mail campaign automatic email related to what happened at their event in which you can ask questions about how it went and record the feedback.

What tools do you have to create an engaging experience during a virtual product launch?

Here are listed some of the engagement tools for the virtual product launch

  • Live and pre-recorded sessions
  • Live chatbot for on-spot queries
  • Interactive games and quizzes for engagement
  • Customized breakout room for powerful networking
  • Social Media engagement
  • Pre and post-event analytics

How can we generate leads or sales conversion during a virtual product launch?

Get in touch with your potential clients, who attended your Virtual Product Launch and try to find out more about their interests. MultiTV Product solution makes it easy as our strong and rich data analytics provides you with the real-time report of attendees' behavior which directs in generating leads so that prospects can be contacted post event which leads to sale conversion.