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Advanced Engagement & Analytics

Elevate your content strategy with M-FAST's dynamic engagement tools and comprehensive analytics for deeper insights.
Boosting Engagement with Smart Features Revolutionize viewer interaction through automated playlists, engaging thumbnails, and seamless content navigation.
  • Automated playlists tailored to viewer preferences
  • Motion thumbnails to capture attention
  • Innovative float & scroll features for continuous engagement
  • Auto-captioning for enhanced accessibility
Gaining Insights with Video Analytics Leverage M-FAST's extensive video analytics to monitor, analyse, and optimise your content and advertising strategies for maximum impact.
  • Comprehensive analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Monitor video creation and publishing effectiveness
  • Optimize advertising strategies for better ROI
  • Gain valuable insights into viewer behavior and preferences
Promoting Inclusivity with Auto-Captioning M-FAST's commitment to accessibility includes auto-captioning and compliance with FCC & WCAG guidelines, making content universally accessible.
  • Auto-captioning for all video content
  • Compliance with key accessibility standards
  • Enhancing viewer experience for all audiences
  • Commitment to inclusivity and universal access
M-FAST: Transforming Broadcasting Landscape M-FAST changes the game for broadcasters, offering a unique mix of reliability and innovation in media delivery. Enjoy advanced asset management, creative monetization options, deeper viewer engagement, versatile scheduling, and enhanced graphics for more efficient and engaging broadcasting.
Efficient Media Asset Management
Dynamic Monetization and Advertising
Viewer Engagement Boosted by Analytics
Flexible Scheduling for Seamless Broadcasting
Advanced Graphics for Compelling Broadcasts