Efficient Media Asset Management

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Advanced Media Asset Management

Streamline your content library with M-FAST's comprehensive media asset management, ensuring ease and efficiency.
Seamless Bulk Upload Capabilities Simplify your workflow with flexible options for uploading your entire content spectrum, from videos to subtitles.
  • Bulk upload feature for large content volumes
  • Supports manual and automated ingest methods
  • Direct integration with FTP, SFTP, Azure, AWS S3
  • User-friendly dashboard for hassle-free uploads
Universal Format Support M-FAST caters to diverse media needs by supporting various video and subtitle file formats.
  • Compatible with formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, MPEG
  • Ensures your content is accessible and usable
  • Flexible management of various media types
  • Facilitates a streamlined content preparation process
Integrated Quality Assurance and Editing M-FAST's built-in quality check and comprehensive asset management tools ensure your content is always broadcast-ready.
  • Automated quality checks upon content ingestion
  • Immediate notifications for any playability issues
  • Advanced features for metadata editing and content tagging
  • Enables content segmentation and subtitle addition for enhanced accessibility
M-FAST: Redefining Media Delivery M-FAST elevates media delivery, blending on-premise stability with advanced features. It streamlines broadcasting with robust asset management, dynamic monetization, engaging content strategies, flexible scheduling, and inventive graphics. It is ideal for broadcasters seeking efficiency and captivating content delivery.
Efficient Media Asset Management
Dynamic Monetization and Advertising
Viewer Engagement Boosted by Analytics
Flexible Scheduling for Seamless Broadcasting
Advanced Graphics for Compelling Broadcasts