Flexible Scheduling for Seamless

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Enhanced Scheduling Flexibility with M-FAST

M-FAST revolutionizes scheduling with its highly flexible playlist creation and management tools, ensuring continuous, engaging content delivery.
Simplified Playlist Management Easily organise and schedule your broadcast content with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for daily or weekly planning.
  • Drag-and-drop to create and manage playlists
  • Schedule content, ads, and graphics in advance
  • Integrate emergency content seamlessly
  • Customize and segment playlists for targeted delivery
Effortless Playlist Importation M-FAST supports importing playlists from various formats, simplifying the content organisation and ensuring a smooth broadcasting flow.
  • Support for EPG, XML-EPG, and BATS native playlists
  • Automatic detection of missing content with alerts
  • Easy content addition or replacement for uninterrupted broadcasting
  • Streamline your scheduling process with comprehensive import options
24/7 Content Delivery Design and execute around-the-clock playlists that engage your audience with fresh and dynamic content every hour.
  • Create 24-hour continuous playlists effortlessly
  • Blend programs, ads, and advanced graphics for diverse content
  • Ensure your channel remains active and engaging at all times
  • Tailor content scheduling to fit your audience‚Äôs viewing habits
M-FAST: Leading Media Delivery Evolution Lead the evolution in broadcasting with M-FAST, blending stable on-premise solutions with innovative features. This platform revolutionizes media delivery with detailed asset management, strategic monetization, viewer engagement techniques, adaptive scheduling, and creative graphics for impactful broadcasting.
Efficient Media Asset Management
Dynamic Monetization and Advertising
Viewer Engagement Boosted by Analytics
Flexible Scheduling for Seamless Broadcasting
Advanced Graphics for Compelling Broadcasts