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Seamlessly deliver your linear livestreams. Broadcast and schedule both on demand content as well as pre scheduled shows hassle free across multiple streaming destinations with M-FAST.

video library multi tv solution
Video Library

Direct uploads, MRSS feeds, APIs

ad server multi tv solution
Ad Server

Dynamic monetization of content with ad insertion.

distribution multi tv solution

Promote all your content to all social media platforms, and OTT platforms.

video programming multi tv solution
Video Programming

Seamlessly program content stored in the videoMeta CMS

playlist multi tv solution

Own playlist , play uninterrupted continuously

transcoding & encoding multi tv solution
Transcoding & Encoding

Check the status of transcoding of the particular video (complete , incomplete , error etc)


The Complete Playout Ecosystem

Ingest / Trimming

  • Supports export and import of schedules (or playlists) in JSON, XML, CSV, or TSV formats.
  • Supports all industry-standard file formats, containers, video codecs, audio codecs, subtitle files.
  • Supports Clip In (SOM – Start of Media), Clip out (EOM – End of Media) times to play media file segment.
  • Generates EPG on daily basis and exports to the configured directory or access EPG directly with a simple HTTP link.
create dynamic platform multi tv solution
graphic engine multi tv solution

Graphic Engine

  • Countdown Timer to 365 days.
  • Alerts – LIVE, Breaking News, Sponsored by.
  • Crawl – RSS feed, text file, or direct input.
  • Playing Now – displays Program name or File name.
  • Logo – Inserts based on media file type.
  • Back In – Automatically calculates break time.


  • Manages transfer requests.
  • Supports FTP, Amazon S3 and Samba based transfers.
  • Fast copy mechanism.
  • Monitors your transfers in real time.
  • Network location health monitoring.
  • Macro based workflow transfers (e.g. on New Media transfer to Amazon S3).
automatic cataloger multi tv solution
automatic cataloger multi tv solution


  • File properties - file name, file size and creation date.
  • File hash - for file integrity checks.
  • Media properties - video and audio formats and codecs, bitrates and media duration.
  • Filmstrips and low-resolution proxies.
  • Folder structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features to look for in an AVOD platform?

An ideal AVOD platform should offer robust content management, seamless video streaming, and effective ad placement. It should also provide detailed analytics to help you understand viewer behaviour, thereby aiding in content monetization.

How can a video advertising platform enhance my marketing strategy?

A video advertising platform allows you to reach a broader audience with engaging visual content. It offers targeting options and real-time analytics, enabling you to refine your advertising strategy. This can significantly boost your ad monetization efforts.

What are the benefits of using a content monetization platform?

A content monetization platform enables you to generate revenue from your digital assets. It offers various monetization models like subscriptions, pay-per-view, and advertising. This flexibility allows you to choose the best revenue streams for your content.

How do playout services contribute to broadcasting?

Playout services handle the sequencing and playback of content for broadcast. They offer features like real-time graphics, ad insertion, and live feed integration. These services are crucial for any broadcasting playout operation.

What should I consider when choosing an AVOD solution?

When selecting an AVOD solution, consider its scalability, ease of use, and integration capabilities. It should also offer robust analytics to track viewer engagement and ad performance, aiding in media monetization.

How does a fast channel advertising platform differ from traditional platforms?

A fast channel advertising platform offers real-time ad placement and analytics. It allows for dynamic ad insertion, making it more flexible and responsive than traditional platforms. This is particularly useful for live events and streaming services.

What is media monetization and how can it benefit content creators?

Media monetization involves generating revenue from digital content through various channels like advertising, subscriptions, or syndication. It provides content creators with the financial means to produce high-quality content, thereby attracting a larger audience.

How do ad monetization services optimize revenue?

Ad monetization services use data analytics and machine learning to place ads effectively. They analyze user behaviour and content performance to ensure that ads reach the most relevant audience, thereby maximizing revenue.

What are broadcasting playout services and why are they important?

Broadcasting playout services manage the transmission of content for TV and online streaming. They ensure that content is broadcasted in the correct sequence and format, making them essential for any professional broadcasting setup.

What is a playout distribution platform and how does it work?

A playout distribution platform manages the delivery of broadcast content to various platforms and devices. It ensures that the content is compatible and optimized for each platform, providing a seamless viewing experience.

How can a fast content distribution platform improve my content strategy?

A fast content distribution platform ensures quick and efficient delivery of your content to a global audience. It uses advanced algorithms to route data through the fastest and most reliable paths, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

What are the advantages of using an AVOD platform over other monetization models?

An AVOD platform allows you to monetize your content through advertising, without requiring a subscription fee from viewers. This can attract a larger audience and provide more opportunities for ad monetization.

How can a video advertising platform improve ROI?

A video advertising platform offers advanced targeting and analytics features. By understanding viewer behaviour and preferences, you can create more effective ad campaigns, thereby improving your return on investment.

What should I look for in a content monetization platform?

A good content monetization platform should offer multiple monetization options, detailed analytics, and easy integration with other services. It should also be scalable to accommodate your growing content library and audience.

How do playout services integrate with other broadcasting tools?

Playout services often come with APIs and SDKs for easy integration with other broadcasting tools. This allows for a more streamlined workflow, making it easier to manage content, ads, and analytics in one unified platform.

Ingest / Trimming

How does M-FAST's Ingest/Trimming feature integrate with content monetization platforms?

M-FAST supports all industry-standard file formats, making it an ideal choice for content monetization platforms. You can easily export and import schedules in JSON, XML, CSV, or TSV formats. This flexibility streamlines your content management process, enhancing your monetization strategies.

What makes M-FAST a superior playout service for Clip In and Clip Out times?

M-FAST offers precise control with Clip In (Start of Media) and Clip Out (End of Media) times. This level of control is crucial for broadcasting playout services that require exact timing. It ensures that the right media file segment is played at the right time, enhancing viewer engagement.

Can I generate an EPG with M-FAST for my AVOD platform?

Yes, M-FAST generates an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) on a daily basis. You can export this EPG to a configured directory or access it directly via a simple HTTP link. This feature makes M-FAST a comprehensive AVOD solution for program scheduling and viewer guidance.

How does M-FAST handle different file formats and codecs for video advertising platforms?

M-FAST supports all industry-standard file formats, containers, video codecs, and audio codecs. This makes it a versatile choice for video advertising platforms that require a range of file types. The platform ensures that your advertising content is compatible and plays seamlessly across various devices.

Graphic Engine

How does the Graphic Engine in M-FAST enhance the user experience on an AVOD solution?

The Graphic Engine in M-FAST offers features like Countdown Timers and dynamic alerts for LIVE broadcasts, Breaking News, and sponsorships. These features enrich the user experience on any AVOD solution by providing real-time information and engagement. It's a key component in creating a compelling AVOD platform.

Can M-FAST's Graphic Engine be integrated into a fast channel advertising platform?

Absolutely. M-FAST's Graphic Engine can display program and file names and even insert logos based on media file types. These features make it a perfect fit for fast channel advertising platforms that require dynamic visual elements. It adds a layer of professionalism and interactivity to your advertising channels.

How does the Graphic Engine support media monetization platforms?

M-FAST's Graphic Engine supports features like Countdown Timer and Alerts, which can be used for promotional or sponsored content. These features benefit media monetization platforms looking to enhance their advertising capabilities. It allows for real-time engagement with the audience, thereby aiding in effective monetization.

What kind of alerts can be displayed using M-FAST's Graphic Engine for broadcasting playout services?

M-FAST's Graphic Engine can display various alerts such as LIVE, Breaking News, and "Sponsored by." These features make it a comprehensive tool for broadcasting playout services that require real-time information display. The alerts can be customized to fit the branding and messaging of your broadcasting service.