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Premium learning experience

Deliver an exceptional learning experience to the users.

  • Supports 360P, 720P,1080P, 4k HD formats.
  • Adaptive streaming.
  • Mobile, web and Tv Apps.
  • DVR for immersive expereince.
  • Offline playback
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Hassle free access to online classes
Personalize your video content

Create a classroom learning experience

Powerful tools and features to create an interactive experience

  • Interactive videos.
  • Breakout rooms.
  • Whiteboard.
  • Notes Sharing.
  • Group Chat.
  • Security and Authentication.
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Tailored for your requirements

Fully customized platform to host and manage your e-learning content

  • Integrated platform.
  • Infra Agnostic.
  • 99.9 % guranteed uptime.
  • Live, on-demand and interactive sessions.
  • Live to VOD.
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Monetize your classes

Monetization your classes

Build a robust platform and generate revenue with enticing monetization plans.

  • Subscription management.
  • User information.
  • Customized packages.
  • Pay per view.
  • Ad insertion.
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Data analytics and insights

Monitor the quantum of engagement and learning behavior of each student on your education platform.

  • Advanced video analytics.
  • Understand user journey.
  • Location and device level analytics.
  • Revenue tracking.
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Data analytics and Insights


We ensure uninterrupted live streaming and video on demand (VOD) hosting services. Our experts plan, execute or provide 24/7 support that you need for your educational content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to set up an e-learning streaming platform?

The cost of setting up an e-learning streaming platform can vary widely depending on the specific features and functionality you want to include.A basic will cost you less while complex will cost you comparatively more.

How do I monetize my e-learning streaming platform?

There are several ways to monetize an e-learning streaming platform, including subscription fees, pay-per-course pricing, and advertising.

How do I attract users to my e-learning streaming platform?

Marketing and promotion are key to attracting users to your e-learning streaming platform. Some strategies you might consider include social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization.