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Powerful tools and features to host a successful virtual/hybrid career and networking event


Exchange contacts/resumes, share assignments and Job descriptions.


Jobseekers can ask questions, participate in polls and present live during the session.


Showcase your company, create job listings, and share brochures and company videos.


Schedule and request a meeting as per your preference.


Real-time data analysis, and feedback surveys to understand candidate engagement.


Continuous support by our event experts during the networking fair.

Virtual Career & Networking Fair

Post job openings on multiple channels

Create awareness of your upcoming career fair

  • Share opportunities on employment websites.
  • Latest job listings.
  • Links to social media pages.
  • Filter right resumes.
  • Application forms.

Seamless interview scheduling

Connect with candidates and conduct interviews on the same platform

  • Built-in meeting scheduler.
  • Instant video calls for interviewing the right candidates.
  • Q/A format for candidates.
  • 1-1 meetings and breakout rooms.
  • Live interviews.

Customized booths for all departments

Fully customizable lobby to interact and welcome applicants

  • 3D booths for video and presentations.
  • Access candidate/employer business cards.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Promote booth with company logo, and upload job listing.

Maximize talent engagement

Instantly capture the right talent for your requirement

  • Hassle-free 1:1 interviews.
  • The advanced keyword search filter.
  • Share company information, brochures, and current job openings.
  • Live poll and quizzes.
  • Network seamlessly through live chats & video calls.

Quick and easy registration

Seamless registration via our secure platform

  • Unlimited registrations.
  • Customized registration forms.
  • Unique URLs for registered candidates.
  • Reminders, notifications, and the latest information about the career fair.

Promotion and branding

Innovative and interactive features to promote your company during the career fair

  • Create awareness on all social media platforms.
  • Release offers, discounts, and rewards on early bird booking slots.
  • Educate candidates on career opportunities and paths.
  • Live chat for on-the-spot queries.

Gather event feedback

Analyze candidate engagement and post-event response

  • Actual attendance report.
  • Track real-time insights and detailed analysis of attendees' participation.
  • Evaluate ROI.
  • Get feedback via forms and survey reports.

Powerful tools and features to engage your audience virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual career fair platform?

Virtual career fairs are where employers connect virtually with job seekers to discuss employment opportunities in detail. It's an interactive platform - so you can go through all of your options in one place and access a global pool of talent. Also, opportunity to meet and greet employers from around the world.

How to host a successful virtual career fair?

Virtual career fairs are the future! Here are a few tips to host a successful virtual career Fair.

  • Start with a strong foundation. Plan and design your virtual career fair using exclusive templates and tools to make it unique.
  • Promote your event through social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.
  • Make it easy for employees/employers to find what they're looking for. Create an engaging experience that keeps them coming back for more.
  • Follow up with participants after the event is over. Thank them for their time, and let them know about any opportunities they may be interested in pursuing

How MultiTV platform helps in hosting a virtual career fair?

We MultiTV deliver you the comprehensive virtual career fair platform equipped with unique features. Below are some listed below.

  • Unlimited bandwidth for one on one video calls between hiring manager and candidate.
  • Customized meeting scheduler
  • 3D interactive Booths
  • Ultra Fast Navigation
  • Resume Search Filters
  • Annual and event-based subscription options
  • Robust and Scalable analytics
  • Monitor real-time interaction
  • Feedback Forms
  • Multiple Engagement tools