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Transforming Viewer Experience with AI-enhanced celebrity Recognition

Elevate your video streaming platform with Key Moments, an AI-powered cloud service that revolutionises how viewers interact with celebrity content. From movies and TV series to news and sporting events, our technology brings your platform a new layer of engagement.
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In-Scene Celebrity Prompts Make every scene more informative and engaging with prompts that offer details about celebrities as they appear. Key Moments ensures your audience stays connected without ever leaving your platform.
  • Delivers real-time information on celebrities in any scene.
  • Engages viewers with additional facts and trivia.
  • Enhances the viewing experience by keeping audiences informed.
Thumbnail Cast Discovery Transform how viewers recognise and connect with the cast of movies or TV shows. Our AI detects celebrities, generating thumbnails that make identification seamless, regardless of makeup or costumes.
  • Simplifies cast recognition with AI-generated thumbnails.
  • Allows viewers to easily identify actors in any scene.
  • Encourages exploration of other works by the same actors.
Thumbnail Cast Discovery | MultiTv | ai video making
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Comprehensive Character Catalog Our technology doesn't just recognise faces; it connects characters across different content, enabling viewers to follow their favourite actors and explore their range of roles within your streaming service.
  • Showcases all characters played by an actor on your platform.
  • Facilitates deeper engagement and content discovery.
  • Boosts viewer interest by highlighting actors' versatility.
Highlighting Key Celebrity Scenes Key Moments smartly aggregates scenes featuring specific celebrities, making it effortless for fans to watch their favorite moments. This feature caters to preferences and enhances content accessibility.
  • Aggregates scenes featuring favorite celebrities for easy access.
  • Allows instant viewing of highlighted moments with a single click.
  • Personalizes the viewer's experience based on their interests.
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Unleashing Short Video Potential Unlock the full potential of short videos with MultiTV’s Key Moments, an AI-based platform designed for impactful video creation and sharing. It boasts advanced features like 4K live streaming, tailor-made designs, and instant integration with social media platforms. The platform’s automated tagging and intuitive editing ensure your content precisely engages the audience. With Key Moments, leverage detailed analytics to amplify your reach and transform video content into engaging digital experiences.
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Revolutionizing Content Discovery with Celebrity Recognition