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Streamlined Ad Management for Enhanced Viewer Experience

Optimize your ad delivery with our Automated Ad Detection and Replacement Solution, ensuring every advertisement perfectly aligns with viewer preferences and content context.
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Effortless Ad Integration Our solution transforms ad management by automating the detection and replacement of ads in live broadcasts and VoD. Leveraging Cognitive Computing, it identifies ad pods with precision and seamlessly swaps them for optimal viewer engagement.
  • Automates ad detection across various content types.
  • Simplifies ad replacement, saving countless manual hours.
  • Enhances viewer experience with relevant ads.
  • Supports a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and sports.
Content Compatibility Designed to handle diverse video content, our tool proficiently works with movies, TV shows, sporting events, and user-generated videos. It ensures ads are effectively integrated, maintaining the integrity and flow of the original content.
  • Adapts to different genres and content formats.
  • Guarantees seamless ad integration, preserving content quality.
  • Maximizes engagement by aligning ads with content context.
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Automation Excellence | MultiTv | create video using ai
Automation Excellence Automating the entire ad detection and replacement process eliminates manual efforts, streamlining your content pipeline. Our technology detects ads and intelligently replaces them, enhancing both advertiser and viewer satisfaction.
  • Reduces manual syncing efforts with automatic processes.
  • Integrates neatly into your existing content production workflow.
  • Delivers a more relevant and enjoyable viewing experience.
Crafting Engaging Video Narratives With Key Moments from MultiTV, crafting engaging video content has never been easier. This AI-powered platform enables the quick creation and sharing of short videos, enhanced by 4K live streaming, personalized design capabilities, and instant social media posting. It streamlines the content creation journey with intelligent tagging and easy-to-use editing features, ensuring your narratives hit the mark every time. Key Moments offers analytics to grow and engage your audience, making every video a storytelling masterpiece.
Instant Key Moment Generation
Enhanced Video Content Compliance
Optimized Multi-Platform Video Resizing
AI-Enhanced Social Media Video Optimization
AI-Driven Production Efficiency Boost
AI-Powered Subtitle Generation for Enhanced Accessibility
Enhanced Scene Analysis for Captivating Highlights
Revolutionizing Ad Placement with Automation
Enhancing Brand Visibility with AI-Powered Logo Detection
Revolutionizing Content Discovery with Celebrity Recognition