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Reinventing Employee Onboarding

The first days at a new job set the tone for an employee's experience within a company. Virtual onboarding fairs by BeLIVE revolutionize this crucial phase, transforming it into an engaging, informative journey accessible from anywhere. These fairs comprehensively introduce company culture, expectations, and resources, ensuring new hires feel welcomed, valued, and equipped for success. Dive into a new era of onboarding with BeLIVE, where integrating into a new workplace is an interactive, inclusive experience, fostering a strong sense of belonging and commitment from day one.



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Key Features of BeLIVE for Virtual Onboarding Fairs

  • Interactive Company Culture Overviews

  • Live Sessions with Team Leaders

  • Q&A Panels for New Hires

  • Virtual Tours of Company Facilities

  • Accessible On-Demand Training Modules

  • Personalized Welcome Messages

  • Integrated Resource Libraries

  • Real-Time Feedback and Support Channels

  • Customizable New Hire Portals

  • Social Integration for Team Building

  • Comprehensive Onboarding Analytics

  • Dedicated Technical Support for Smooth Onboarding

Immersive Cultural Introduction Introduce new hires to your company culture and values in a dynamic, memorable way.
  • Encourages understanding and alignment with company values
  • Enhances employee engagement from the outset
  • Builds a foundation for long-term loyalty and satisfaction
Direct Leadership Engagement Facilitate personal interactions between new hires and company leaders, fostering early connections.
  • Promotes transparency and open communication
  • Strengthens team bonds and company loyalty
  • Offers insights into leadership vision and expectations
Efficient Learning Pathways Equip employees with the knowledge and tools they need through interactive training sessions.
    • Accelerates the learning curve for new hires
    • Provides essential skills and knowledge for job success
    • Encourages active participation in learning and development
Welcoming Employee Experience Make every new hire feel personally welcomed and valued within the company.
  • Personalizes the onboarding process
  • Enhances the sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Motivates new employees from day one
Ongoing Support and Feedback Ensure continuous support and open channels for feedback throughout the onboarding process.
  • Facilitates adjustment and addresses concerns quickly
  • Encourages ongoing dialogue between new hires and HR
  • Improves the onboarding experience based on real-time feedback

Why MultiTV for Virtual Onboarding Fairs

Dynamic Onboarding Solutions

BeLIVE offers an innovative platform for virtual onboarding fairs, ensuring a seamless transition for new hires into your company culture and team.

Personalized Engagement Approach

Our platform personalizes the onboarding experience, making each new hire feel welcomed and valued from their very first day.

Strategic Onboarding Insights

Gain actionable insights from onboarding analytics with BeLIVE, optimizing your process and ensuring every new employee's success.