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Vikash Samota

Founder & CEO

Total Experience: Entrepreneur since 2012
Industries: Video Technology, Software Solutions, Media, Events

Expertise: Video Tech Platform as a Service (PaaS), Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Manoj Kakkar

Operations Head

Total Experience: 18+ Years
Industries: IT (HR & Operations)

Expertise: HR & Operations, IT Recruitment

Vikas Sharma

Technical Director

Total Experience: 15+ Years
Industries: IT

Expertise: Social Portals, Real Estate Portals, Job Portals, CMS, Video OTT, Frameworks, SMS APIs, Scheduling, Payment Gateways

Navjot Singh

Director Web Technologies

Total Experience: 13 Years
Industries: Helping Brands with Robust Technology | Hybrid, Virtual Events & Webinars | Live Streaming

Expertise: React JS, Angular, Node Js, PHP, Python, Socket, HLS, RTMP, Wowza Media Server, Apache2, Nginx with RTMP, FFMPEG

Sudhanshu Verma

Director Of Operations and Technicals, Broadcast

Total Experience: 12 Years
Industries: Virtual, Hybrid, and Physical Events

Expertise: Virtual, Hybrid, and Physical Event Management

Ravinder Poonia

Product Manger / Solution Engineer

Total Experience: 12 Years
Industries: OTT, CDN

Expertise: Mobile/TV application Development, OTT, CDN, Cloud Infra

Yash Kumar

Account Operations

Total Experience: 14 Years
Industries: Accounting, Operations

Expertise: Accounting and Operational Management

Jatin Maan

Marketing Manager

Total Experience: 9 Years
Industries: Media, Marketing

Expertise: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Content Marketing

Sidharth samanth

Director, Pre Sales & Products

Total Experience: 20 Years
Industries: OTT, SAAS, PAAS, TELCO VAS Platforms

Expertise: SAAS, Pre-Sales, Product Training, Product Market Fit

Pooja Pokhriyal

Total Experience: 9 Years
Industries: Human Resources

Expertise: Human Resource Management, HR Policies, Operations & Administration, Performance Management, Employee Engagement & Relations, Recruitment & Training.

Shalini Dixit

Areas of Expertise: Business Development

Total Experience: 16 Years
Industries: IT, Telecommunications, Events

Expertise: Business Development

Varun Vasudeva

Senior Manager

Total Experience: 12 Years
Industries: DevOps, Media Services

Expertise: Live Streaming, Video Processing, Content Encryption, CDN, Python


Expertise in OTT and VOIP industry

Total Experience: 9.4 Years
Industries: OTT, VOIP

Expertise: Mobile and web application development, content streaming experiences optimization, analytical tools, AI module-based model design for content search, and capturing user behavior for mobile app engagement.

Pankaj Dubey

Resource management

Total Experience: 15 Years
Industries: Playout, Streaming, CDN, Video Operations

Expertise: Playout, Streaming, CDN, Video Operations.

Mandar Ashok Bhosale

Project Manager

Total Experience: 12 Years
Industries: Media and Broadcast

Expertise: Audio Video QC, Team Management, Playout Operations (IP-based), Content Operations for OTT

Puneet Kumar

Sales Director

Total Experience: OTT | FAST | Content Monetization | SSAI

Expertise: Cloud Playout | OTT | FAST | Content Monetization | SSAI

Gaurav Gupta

Director Sales

Total Experience: 13 Years
Industries: Media and Entertainment, IT, ITES

Expertise: B2B Sales