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Elevate Your Advertising Strategy

The advertising landscape is evolving rapidly, with audiences demanding more relevant and engaging content than ever before. Traditional ad placements often disrupt the viewer's experience, leading to ad fatigue and disengagement. Advertisers must seek innovative ways to seamlessly integrate ads in this new era of content consumption, making them a natural part of the viewer's journey. Key Moments by MultiTV revolutionizes advertising by automating ad detection and replacement, ensuring ads resonate more profoundly with your audience. It's time to transform how you advertise, making every ad not an interruption but an integral, engaging part of the content narrative.



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Key Features of Key Moments for Advertising

  • Automated Ad Detection

  • Contextual Ad Replacement

  • Live and VoD Compatibility

  • Cognitive Computing Technology

  • Seamless Content Integration

  • Real-Time Processing

  • Enhanced Viewer Relevance

  • Cost and Time Efficiency

  • EPG Correction and Syncing

  • Mobile Format Adaptation

  • Logo Detection and Replacement

  • Safe, Context-Aware Insertion

Automated Ad Insights Dynamically replace ads to match viewer interests, enhancing engagement and relevance.
  • Automatically identifies and swaps ads
  • Integrates perfectly into production pipelines
  • Delivers targeted advertisements efficiently
Contextual Content Enhancement Utilize contextual analysis to place ads that naturally fit within the content flow.
  • Ensures ads complement the viewing experience
  • Maintains narrative coherence
  • Boosts ad effectiveness and viewer satisfaction
Operational Efficiency Save time and resources with automated ad detection and replacement processes.
  • Reduces manual labour significantly
  • Offers quicker, more accurate ad placements
  • Lowers operational costs
Adaptive Format Solutions Quickly adapt ads for various viewing formats, ensuring optimal display across devices.
  • Supports landscape to portrait adjustments
  • Maximizes ad visibility on all platforms
  • Enhances the viewer's experience on mobile device
Brand Safety Assurance Ensure your ads appear in appropriate content contexts, protecting and elevating your brand.
  • Monitors brand safety across content
  • Automated logo detection for branding opportunities
  • Provides a safe advertising environment

Why MultiTV for Advertising

Intelligent Ad Placement

Key Moments leverages advanced AI to ensure your ads are seen by the right audience at the right time, maximizing impact

Enhanced Content Harmony

Our technology seamlessly integrates ads into the content, maintaining the narrative flow and keeping viewers engaged.

Operational Advantages

With Key Moments, experience unparalleled efficiency in ad management, reducing costs while enhancing ad relevance and viewer satisfaction