Webcasting and live events

Webcasting and live events

Create A Larger Impact Of Your Corporate Events Through Webcasting

MultiTV Webcasting enables you to present your events to large base audiences through live streaming and
webcasting. We provide complete support right from the stage of planning to live broadcast production and management and finally to post-production and after-event services. MultiTV Webcasting enables geographically segregated viewers to actively view a live event and be a part of it. Our market-leading Webcast technology supports a wide range of viewing scenarios, including people all over
the world on their bandwidth, people in offices sharing bandwidth, and any combination of these options. With the support of our dedicated team efforts, we give you the luxury of making live broadcasted events part of your video strategy.

MultiTV Webcast and live events include-

Virtual setups- hardware and Software

Slide sync and projector setup

Live analytic

Viewers interaction

Interactive polls

Cloud-based storage

Live transcoding and encoding