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Virtual Takeaways from 2020 to win in 2021?

2020 was a year like none other. With uncertainty looming, businesses had to figure out ways to survive and drive digital transformation in their organizations. With everyone concerned about their health, work from home became the norm and the way businesses were operated changed drastically. It was a tough year for service-based companies as clients were trying to save costs and minimize their risks. The pandemic came as a reminder for companies to be agile and develop capabilities to pivot their ways of working to the ever-changing business environment. 

We got our team to show resilience and work towards helping our customers deliver a seamless virtual event experience. The biggest victories come in periods of great challenges! With our end-to-end video services, we were able to support multiple virtual and hybrid events, many of which were being held virtually for the first time! Due to our client-centric focus and track record of delivering an excellent experience, we were able to add two customers a day since July. We were also able to successfully leverage the explosion in demand for video technology owing to the pandemic to support our clients’ virtual needs.

The last year was full of learnings, helping us realize the importance of being an organization driven by values and having a strong purpose. Our attitude towards business as a means to create value for our clients helped us adapt quickly to the increasing demand and evolving client requirements. The pandemic also provided an opportunity for us to drive innovation and bring in new features and capabilities into our product offerings.  We started 2021 with high spirits, being part of some major virtual events. I am optimistic about realizing our goal of achieving a turnover of $100 million in the next three years. Last year was full of challenges, but as a resilient organization, we were able to emerge even stronger into 2021. As events go virtual, we continue to provide customized solutions to our clients and make it possible to retain the impact of physical experiences. The world will never be the same, and we at MultiTV are proud to be the trailblazers of the future.

CEO & Founder of MultiTV

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