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Virtual Takeaways from 2020 to win in 2021?

Virtual Takeaways by Vikash Samota

2020 was an unprecedented year that had hit businesses across industries with a looming uncertainty. Due to vulnerable health circumstances, work from home had become the norm and daily business operations underwent drastic changes. Most organizations had to revamp their strategies and resort to digital transformation to sustain and drive business. Service-based companies were having a tough-time given their clients were trying to save costs while minimizing their risks. The unforeseen global circumstances led the companies to develop an agile working approach pivoting on the dynamic business environment.  

Keeping the above scenario in mind, we channeled our team to show resilience and help our customers in delivering a seamless virtual event streaming experience. Great challenges often propel the biggest victories! 

With Multi TV’s end-to-end virtual event platform, we were able to support multiple virtual and hybrid events. Many of these events were being held virtually for the first time. Since July, we gained two customers per day owing to our client-centric approach and excellent service standards. We were also able to successfully leverage the explosion in demand for video technology to support our clients’ virtual needs.     

The previous year brought a lot of experiences which were filled with learning. These learnings helped us realize the importance of being a value driven organization with a strong purpose. We were able to meet increasing and ever evolving client requirements due to our attitude of consistently offering value for clients. We had the opportunity to innovate which allowed us to incorporate new features and capabilities into our product offerings. MultiTV kickstarted the year 2021 with high spirits and was fortunate to be a part of some very significant as well as successful virtual event streaming

I am optimistic about realizing our goal of reaching the benchmark of $100 million in the next three years.

Even with the roadblocks in 2020, MultiTV emerged stronger this year due to pure resilience. As more businesses opt for virtual streaming and broadcast video platforms, we will continue to offer customized solutions to our clients while retaining the experience offered by physical events. Changes will be constant, we MultiTV is proud to be trailblazer of the future.

CEO & Founder of MultiTV