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Is there a perfect host for your Virtual event

The concept of virtual events has gained wide popularity in the last six to seven months. With this pandemic and social distancing norm in full flow, industries are forced to take a back seat when it comes to in-person events, giving a huge boost to virtual events which though gives almost the same feel. The virtual event industry is rising with new platforms every day with the help of new and innovative technology for the smooth running of the events to be held online.

Virtual platforms are steadily becoming a more reliable solution for holding a large live or on-demand corporate virtual event. Companies have started trusting this concept and have started investing in the process of virtual events, realizing that online events could be a great way to bring people together in a more cost-efficient way.

People might just get confused between an event management platform and a virtual event platform, but these two concepts are widely different from one another as the biggest difference being a presence at the location. People can view a virtual event from any location without being physically present at the event.

Things to be taken care of while hosting a live virtual event:

  • Your platform should be integrated with built-in webcasting features that share the content through live or on-demand video.
  • Online registration forms with the event landing page.
  • Scope of hosting large scale events according to the quality, and structure of the events.
  • Providing security to the event and the personal information of the attendees.
  • Providing integrated customized dashboards for networking and viewer engagement features such as Q&A, live polling, etc.
  • Taking care of the entire pre, mid, and post-event services.
  • Analysing the time zones and geographical specifications of the places at which the event has to be streamed.
  • MultiTV- A Perfect Host for Your Virtual Event

Introducing the events and organizers to global markets, we at MultiTV elevates the viewer’s experience by providing virtual destinations for online virtual events. We also let them sustain their content and gain access to it for as long as they want. With cutting-edge technology and a cumulative experience of over 500 years in live video streaming solutions, we focus on organizing large scale events online allowing a large number of participants to join together. 

Some of the unique features offered by MultiTV are:

  • Scalability: The issue of hosting a larger audience is a thing of the past. As the event platform is hosted on the cloud, it can now allow a larger audience to attend the event at one point in time.
  • Social networking: Allows you to communicate directly with the attendees with the help of live chats, social media, and polling.

  • Quick set up: The set-up of virtual events on MultiTV platform is quite simple and less time-consuming. There are several inclusions like sponsor booths, handouts, and breakout sessions that make it more or less like the in-person events.
  • Real-time metrics: Tracking the growth of the virtual event with the help of analytics that enables you to track new leads and keep track of the attendees who would participate in the next event as well.
  • Sessions: Organizers can not only host digital panel discussions but can use the platform for conducting industry presentations as well.
  • 24/7 Technical assistance: The sessions can be conducted hassle-free, without any technical glitch as the technical staff is readily available for assistance at all times.
  • Presentation: Keynote speakers can host talks and breakout sessions with the help of webinars and other online meetings.
  • Reach: Our Platform also has the ability to reach a mass of audiences across the globe. Anyone can attend the event, irrespective of their location, and varied time zones.
  • Data protection: In compliance with the data centre of India and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the platform strictly protects the personal data submitted by the users during registration on the platform.

The speed at which the virtual events have started gaining popularity and have benefited the organizations and their audiences, the organizations have started a close screening for their long-term partnership with a perfect solution provider for their virtual event needs. We at MultiTV always stood up to the expectations of our clients and partners in providing the best quality output of their event and strengthening our partnerships further.

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