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Hybrid is the new future of Virtual Events

We talk a lot about the future. We immerse ourselves a lot in the new high-tech world of innovative technology. Whether the recent developments or the futuristic ideas which are under process, we are always looking forward to these new transformations, and surely technology hasn’t disappointed us. Take a note of the last 7 months when the global pandemic struck the world to its core leaving all of us clueless regarding how to bring life back to normal.

Clueless but not hopeless people showed their faith in technology and started bringing their lives back to normal. Live video streaming platform services have played a huge role in bringing everybody’s life back on track in these past 7 months. Online meetings, work form homes, webinars, virtual conferences have become the new normal in today’s working environment. Companies are coming up with the most effective, customized, and suitable ways of using online video technology to increase their productivity.

Once the pandemic is done and dusted, businesses are expecting higher productivity and growth as they can have a balanced approach of operating their businesses with a fusion of live video technology and in-person traditional business approach known as the hybrid module. They will then
have the luxury of reaping the benefits of both the approaches and creating a sustained environment.

One of the industries that have been hugely affected by the pandemic has been the event industry. This sector generally grows on the essence of the live audience and the speaker, the artist, or the performers. After nearly hitting a curb-stomp during the start of this pandemic, this sector has started reviving itself by going completely virtual. Virtual events, virtual concerts, product launches have again started re-emerging giving a huge boost to the industry. Providing live audience sitting at their homes an opportunity to view their favourite performers performing at their preferred screens have given positive feedback. With loaded benefits and features, Virtual concerts are slowly and steadily gaining wide popularity.

The thought among the industry is that once the pandemic is over the virtual concerts and events are going to enter their boom phase with the availability of in-person live attendance and the virtually present live audience. This concept of HYBRID CONCERTS is going to define the new era in the event industry.


A HYBRID CONCERT is a concert that offers the features and services of both the in-person live concert and the virtual concert giving a wider audience reach and scalability to the event. Hybrid concerts are a viable option for venues in the future when group gatherings are less restricted. When moving to a hybrid concert platform, you want to set your concert up for success. But organizing a hybrid concert can prove to be a tough job if not done under the guidance of a professionally equipped and skilled team. Unlike any other concert, a hybrid concert not only requires a high quality of the virtual event but also requires an equal focus on the live event taking place and the coordination and synchronization among the live and virtual audience.


  • They create coordination and synchronization among the live attendance and virtual audience.
  • With geographically larger audience reach and scalability, it gives more value for both organizers and attendees.
  • Hybrid Events are easy to measure and analyze results in a larger return on investment.
  • Hybrid events usually mean that content can be easily repurposed as it is developed to work for remote online audiences in mind.
  • Hybrid concerts Amplify the attendee’s engagement by allowing both the in-person audience and the virtual audience to enroll in fun activities, Q&A sessions, quizzes, games, etc.
  • Hybrid events are very cost-effective for all the involved parties right from attendees, sponsors, vendors, speakers, and organizers. Attendees who live afar from the event location, do not have to book a ticket and travel.
  • Hybrid events attract more and more sponsors due to their wider reach which helps them in their brand exposure.

Hybrid events look a more feasible and flexible and exciting tool in the upcoming future for event organizers. And if you are looking forward to a long-term perfect partner for your hybrid event needs contact us at

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