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[Tip Of The Week]: Measuring Virtual Event ROI

Virtual events help you scale, customize and promote your event in multiple ways. But how do you know if you are going in the right direction? This is where virtual event analytics comes into play which helps you measure your ROI on each effort you undertake. Let us look at some key KPIs that can tell you a lot about how your virtual event is performing objectively:

1. Number of Registrations:

This is one of the primary things to look at. How many people registered for your event vs how many attended the event will give you some good insights. Also, the target group can be analyzed to figure out what time of the day or which day of the week are people more likely to attend your virtual event. The topics that people are interested in can also be narrowed down upon by an in-depth analysis of the target audience’s characteristics.

2. Social Media Impressions:

Should you post more photos, videos, or GIFs to promote your event is a question that likes, shares, and comments on your previous posts can help you answer. Also, the increase in followers or subscribers helps you check if you are on the right track. Having the right social media strategy to put out engaging content is a crucial factor in your virtual event’s success.

3. Unique Visitors:

Delivering a successful virtual event and retaining attendees can be made possible by careful planning. But what often becomes tricky and requires creative ideas is gaining unique visitors. More unique visitors for successive events will ensure that your brand presence keeps on continuously growing.

4. Revenue Metrics:

Which is the most direct measure that tells you what the ROI for your virtual event is? It’s none other than the revenue generated through your event. With all that investment going into optimizing your virtual event platform, increased focus on revenue metrics is required to sustain your virtual event experience.

5. Watch-Time:

People are joining your virtual event, but how long do they stay before they leave feeling bored? Watch-time and the number of video views help you gauge the impact of the event. Networking features, creative content, and gamification are some of the ways to engage your audience better.

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