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[Tip of the Week]: Gamify your virtual event

In the event industry, gamification of events has been increasingly gaining prominence as event organizers try to engage their virtual event attendees. It is a fun way to make the experience a memorable one for all parties involved. Here are some benefits:

High Engagement

The anticipation of attractive rewards will lead to the attendees being more engaged and willing to participate. Also, this will ensure that your audience will act in a proactive manner than just being a passive participant. Live polls or quizzes can be conducted and people who answer quickly get to be on top of a leaderboard and receive prizes.

Fun Networking

The best bonds are formed when we are having fun with someone. Conduct contests where the audience can work in teams so that the games will serve as a platform for attendees to network with each other in an interesting way.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Games and contests provide an opportunity to prize sponsors to market their brand through mentions in the event or company logos. The sponsors also get to promote themselves as part of the social media promotion of the virtual event.

Although games and contests are a great way for attendees to work in teams and work towards winning as they create cherishable memories, as event organizers it is crucial to have the following points in mind:

  • The game or the contest should be in sync with the theme of your virtual event as your major objective is to make the event a success
  • Select the right virtual event platform based on your customization requirements and technology needs
  • Give a proper structure to the game so that everyone is involved throughout and the attendees are not left confused
  • Do ensure to encourage the attendees to share candid moments from the virtual event on social media so that it reaches the maximum audience

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