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Television Ad Tracking

No matter how many new friends you make in your daily life, no matter how rich or successful your new friends are. You just never lose the sight of your old friends. Through highs and lows, thins and thick you have got their back and so do they. A somewhat similar is the relationship between the
viewers and their television programming.

There is no denial in the fact that modern internet technology has taken over the business by storm. The success of initial OTT players leading to the arrival of small new OTT players every second day has really had a huge impact on the television viewing of the customers and their preferences.

No doubt OTT has had an edge over the traditional TV when it comes to the quality of the content because of certain rules and restrictions that are imposed on television programming. But traditional tv still has its viewers and fan base because it is safe and easy to watch. In fact, Broadcast TV remains the top media channel worldwide, and more than 8 in 10 internet users turn on a tv set every day.

Having said that tv remains our old age best friend and its viewership still is among the top of the chart.

But there is another relationship that is looking forward to strengthening itself in this modern era of technological advancements and make the most of this new phase of universal competition and growth. The Cult relationship between traditional TV broadcasting and Advertisers. Television advertising has been one of the most fruitful ways of reaching your target audience and strengthening your brand visibility. Though, it can only be achieved when the ads are positioned, aired, and monitored to reap the maximum benefit to the advertiser.

TV ads are quite different from digital advertisements as in that there’s typically no digital signal where we can track the impressions to let us know that an ad has been viewed. So, keeping a real-time track of these advertisements become a very lengthy, costly, and challenging affair for the


Advertisement tracking is very essential in calculating the total ROI (return on investment) value of
advertising per month. It helps you in tracking the other market advertising campaigns and identify where they stand. There is a common saying in advertising business circles, which goes something like this: “I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; I just don’t know which half.”

The purpose of ad tracking is generally to provide a measure of the combined effect of the media weight or spending level, the effectiveness of the media buys or targeting, and the quality of the advertising executions or creative.

So, we at MultiTV are providing a comprehensive TV ad tracking platform while taking over the reins of TV ad tracking from a convoluted traditional method and laying out all the analytics metrics, statistically and graphically available to you at a single platform in real-time.


  • Bridging the gap between advertiser and TV channels.
  • Higher ROI
  • Best in class video fingerprinting technology that imparts 100% accuracy
  • Real-Time ad monetization
  • Provides complete analytical data
  • Eradicating the need of foreign hardware and software
  • Providing an Advertisement timing ratio report of your competitors.
  • ASAP feeding through server or emails

With these benefits in the offering and many others in the developmental stage, we at MultiTV are trying our level best to make sure that this new phase of technological advancement doesn’t negatively affect the old age relationship between AD providers and TV broadcasters.

Head of Product Development