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Retail Buying Experience through Virtual Showroom


In the recent past, the retail industry has seen various challenges and innovations that changed the way retail experience is delivered today. From buying everything from physical store to getting products home delivered via online stores, there has been a prominent shift in the way customers purchase products and services. Moreover, retail sector innovations through virtual events platforms have added a human interaction factor to your business.

How online shopping via virtual showroom has gained popularity and momentum in the last decade is way par with what the customers expected it to be. Traditionally, retail store owners have been late technology adopters that deliver differentiated customer experience, case in point being disruption caused by e-commerce players.

Delivering a virtual retail shopping experience has been by far the best technological innovation to have happened for retailers in the recent past. Creating virtual showrooms has become a logical extension to reach out to potential customers and is expected to change the landscape of the retail sector.

Imagine visiting your favourite brand outlet with just a single click from any device, anytime, and anywhere with the ability to take a guided virtual tour of the entire showroom with an option to try the product. Virtual commerce will deliver the next phase of growth for retailers by creating a digital experience ecosystem. A digital experience ecosystem includes the ease of buying (e-commerce) and also trying the product virtually.

From a retailers point of view, it gives him an edge to;

  • Create a better brand position in the market.
  • Create a new and fresh customer base.
  • Enhance footfall, awareness, engagement and loyalty.
  • Develop a better personal connection with the audience through video.
  • Provide access to endless assortment.
  • Gather and analyze relevant data about the customer’s preferences and patterns

What is a Virtual Showroom?

A virtual showroom is an app created for desktops, mobiles, or any other digital devices, where you can display and sell your products virtually.

They provide complete visual (if needed, retailers also get a 3D model of the entire store designed) access to the showroom with just a click.

How to create a Virtual Showroom?

With the recent innovations in the OTT technology ecosystem (video technology as a platform), MultiTV has made it super easy to set up your virtual showroom. Our team works closely with retail stores to understand the brand and customer journey and delivers a virtual shopping experience tailor-made for the brand.

The concept of a virtual showroom is creating a buzz around the globe while allowing retailers to create a differentiated customer experience. And with social distancing becoming the new necessity, a virtual showroom is the logical extension for future growth.

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