Religion and Faith Streaming

Religion and Faith Streaming

Launch a fully customizable, all-in-one religion streaming service for churches and religious institutions. Broadcast on-demand and live religious events, podcasts, and more. Stay connected to your community & extend your reach even when your followers cannot attend sessions in person.

On-demand Streaming

Upload online sermons, followers’ experiences, documentaries, religious book studies, and more for On-Demand access on your faith streaming service. Add metadata and create playlists for every session. Add multilingual subtitles to ensure your followers across the world understand your sermons.


Live Streaming

Broadcast live ceremonies, weddings, concerts, services, funerals, conferences on religious books, and more. DVR-enabled livestream enables your users to pause, rewind, and replay live sessions.

Record Live Events

Record your live religion sessions and store them as on-demand content in your faith streaming service for your community. Record multiple concurrent online sessions from multiple cameras and store the recordings in the library for repurposing.



Raise funds for community donation and services. Set multiple monetization models such as Subscription(SVOD), Video Advertising(AVOD) and Pay-Per-View(PPV) with multiple payment gateways and multiple currencies for your OTT platform.


Community Engagement

Seamlessly integrate your religion and faith streaming service with social media platforms. Expand your community by reaching followers across multiple social media channels. Create more engagement on your platform with live chats.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor performance of your content and viewer behavior. Track users’ attention spans, viewing habits, drop-off rates, member location, browser and devices used, and more.


Hybrid/Virtual Events Platform

Fully-managed, feature-rich platform that delivers immersive hybrid/virtual events to attendees...

All-in-one OTT Solution

Completely featured OTT platform to deliver enterprise video content to audience across the globe...

Security & Privacy

Securely host and broadcast your events with Built-in DRM, Watermarking, Single Sign On(SSO), VPN Detection, Geo-Blocking


Get Designated Account Manager, complete Technical and end-user support till event completion.


Grow your revenue by monetizing hybrid/virtual events through pay-per-view, video advertising or subscription model...


Create customized, own branded events for you with Live Chroma and Hybrid Shoot, virtual main hall, lobby, auditorium...

Attendee experience

Deliver engaging attendee experience with interactive targeted networking, unlimited concurrent live video sessions...


Track your event via Real-time Analytics dashboard, UTM source tracking, livestream analytics...

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