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[Tip Of The Week]: Measuring Virtual Event ROI

Week Measuring Virtual Event ROI

Virtual event analytics can set you in the right direction when you are looking to scale, customize, and promote your events. It can also help you to accurately measure the return on every investment you make with regards to virtual event streaming. Let us break down a few KPIs that can help you in assessing if your virtual event is performing objectively:

1. Number of Registrations:

As far as the customization of virtual event streaming is concerned, number of registrations are a significant contributor. The number of people who registered vs. the number of people who attended can offer some really elaborate insight with regards to event performance. The target group can be accessed to determine engagement patterns such as which day/time of the week are people more likely to attend the event, what are the audience characteristics, what kind of content can be served, and so on.

2. Social Media Impressions:

It is imperative to have a strong social media strategy for ensuring the success of your virtual event streaming. Serving engaging content on your social media platform can up it a notch. Determiners such as social media impressions can help you in planning course to promote your virtual event. For instance, the number of likes, shares, or comments on previous posts can help you decide if you should post more photos, videos, GIFs, etc. to promote your event. Factors such as a surge in the number of followers will ensure that you are on the right track.

3. Unique Visitors:

It is possible to ensure the success of your virtual event by retaining the existing attendees with careful planning. However, in order to ensure that your brand presence keeps growing, it is equally important to gain new followers. Hence, it becomes essential to plan and consistently come up with creative ideas to attract unique visitors for your virtual event streaming.

4. Revenue Metrics:

The revenue you generate through virtual event streaming is the most direct measure of its ROI. With all that investment going into optimizing your virtual event platform, increased focus on revenue metrics is required to sustain your virtual event experience.

5. Watch-Time:

How long are people hooked to your content before they get bored and leave? Watch-time and the number of video views help you gauge the impact of the event. Networking features, creative content, and gamification are some of the ways to enhance audience engagement in virtual event streaming.

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