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How Virtual Events Are Re-shaping The Events Industry


The frugality resulting from the unprecedented global challenge has caused businesses to develop a new strategic approach with regards to event hosting and business networking. Live events, concerts, premiers, AGM, conferences, sports events, etc. are met with an abrupt dead-end and the events industry has been forced to go virtual. Brands, businesses, and marketers are innovating their ways out of the tight box by opting for virtual event streaming, live stream panel discussions, etc.

Driving Engagement

Driving engagement and user interaction have been quite challenging for virtual event platforms that are not scalable. However, enterprise-grade virtual events platforms that are equipped with features and tools such as, gamification, live polls, and Q&A sessions have helped in streaming interactive live events.

Audience Behavior

Both the audience as well as the organizers had to adapt to the changes that resulted from the transitioning to virtual event platforms from live events. Earlier, people who had to travel to different locations to network or attend an event could do so from the comfort of their homes thus saving time and energy spent on commuting.

One of the intent of event organizers is to capture the attention of their audiences. However, in the case of virtual event streaming the attention span of the audience is significantly lesser. They may also experience screen fatigue. Hence, the organizers feel the need to continuously engage their audience. One way to achieve this is by keeping the agenda of the virtual conferences crip and relevant, throughout.

Future Is Hybrid

The foreseeable future of virtual events looks promising. Virtual events professionals get to enjoy many benefits, whether it is reaching out to a larger audience base with limited attendees or hosting the event at just a fraction of live event costs.

It must not be surprising if hybrid events become the new normal by combining the benefits of both a physical and a virtual event.

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