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How Virtual Events Are Re-shaping The Events Industry

In-person events can be a great way to engage with the people you care about but gone are the days when we relied mostly on physical events. With multiple events getting cancelled or postponed, the pandemic forced the event industry to go virtual and it looks like things are never going to be the same in near future. All sorts of events, be it an entrepreneurship summit or a musical concert, have gone virtual. Instead of massive physical events, event professionals are going for virtual conferences, live-streamed panel discussions, and a lot more.


One major challenge that virtual events faced initially as compared to physical events was driving engagement and interaction. But with time, they have gained expertise in providing a fun experience with the help of networking tools, gamification, live polls, and Q&A sessions. Largely, virtual events have been able to replicate the magic of in-person events. Businesses do not have to worry about generating leads too as prospective clients can be connected with during the event as well as after it through follow-up communications.

Audience Behaviour

It is not just the virtual event organizers who have adapted to the change. There has been a significant change in the audience’s behaviour too. Earlier, people who would travel to places to meet other people have got comfortable in their homes and are able to save time and energy spent commuting. The motive of any event organizer is to capture the attention
of the audience but in the virtual set-up, the attention span of attendees is very small, and as a result event professional need to continuously engage their audience. Screen fatigue is also common, so it is important to be mindful of keeping the agenda of virtual events crisp and relevant.

Future is Hybrid

The future holds promise for virtual events. With event professionals witnessing the benefits a virtual event provides, be it reaching a larger audience by having unlimited attendees at your event or saving on significant organizing costs, it would not come as a surprise that even once everything comes to normalcy, a hybrid event, one that combines both the benefits of a physical as a virtual event will take the center stage.

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