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How To Take Your Business Virtual via OTT Platform

As the world keeps adopting new ways to keep communities safe, businesses seek innovative ways to stay afloat and boost productivity amidst the ever-fluctuating global market scenarios.

So, how do you retain and increase sales, brand visibility, revenue, and scale your business, all at the same time?

Well, the answer is simple- Go Virtual! Just take your business online via an OTT platform!

Now, why should you choose an Over-the-Top(OTT) platform for going virtual?

An OTT platform brings a plethora of benefits to your business. You can build your e-commerce store,  host and stream marketing videos of your products, product launches and demos, live stream business and virtual events, conferences, promote products and services via social media, and more. You can also stream corporate and internal communication, town hall meetings, HR onboarding, employee training sessions, internal webcasts, and much more via an OTT or video streaming platform. Taking  your business virtual via the OTT platform will keep both your external and internal business activities up and running.

Now let’s  look at how to launch your own OTT website for your virtual business platform.

  • Choose a fully-featured, end-to-end OTT platform

Begin with selecting an end-to-end OTT platform that caters to your business requirements. With a robust, fully -featured OTT platform like MultiTV’s Creator, you can launch your own branded virtual business and streaming service.

  • Customize your virtual business platform

Start customizing your virtual business platform to enhance the look and feel of the user interface. Select from multiple templates or create one that aligns with your brand persona. Add a logo, banner, and get features integrated to deliver an unparalleled user experience on your virtual business platform.

  • Add content to CMS

Once customizing your platform is complete, you can add content on the backend of your virtual business website and apps. Add metadata and other relevant information for each content. Segregate content as per their categories and check out the preview of your website.

  • Set Up Monetization models

Monetizing your products, services, and other content on your OTT platform is a crucial step when creating a virtual business platform. The money you make depends on the type, volume, and nature of your content. There are multiple ways to monetize;

  • You can set up  Subscription(SVOD), 
  • Advertising-based Video-on-Demand(AVOD),
  • Pay-per-View(PPV),or 
  • Transactional Video-on-Demand(TVOD) monetization model for your virtual business platform.
  • Promote your Online Presence

Let your customers know about your online business launch. You can start promoting your products, services, and video content via multiple marketing channels such as social media, emails, and text messages.

  • Go Live with your virtual business platform

After completing these steps, your virtual business platform via an OTT platform is ready to go live. You can then stream your content from the safety and comfort of your virtual office or home, and conduct regular business activities and generate revenue without disruptions.

Creator combines OTT and video streaming capabilities with your existing business architecture, enabling you to launch a white-labeled virtual business platform for potential customers across the globe.

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