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How To Generate Revenue From Your OTT Platform

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While the world is still adjusting to post-pandemic circumstances, entrepreneurs are revisiting their business strategies.

While considering new approaches for sustainable business growth, OTT platforms have a crucial role to play . Easy access to the internet, affordable 4G mobiles phones, and significant innovations in video streaming platforms have been significant contributors to its growth. Hence, the strategic incorporation of an OTT platform into your business can not only help engage with your audience but also unlock sustainable and new revenue-generating models for brands.  

Let us take a look at how Multi TV’s end-to-end OTT platform solution – CREATOR ensures that you not only launch an OTT platform in as quick as 15 days but also use it to generate revenue consistently.

1. Technology That Saves Cost

A full-suite OTT solution such as CREATOR comes with an inbuilt CDN(Content Delivery Network) that saves 30-40% of network bandwidth of viewers. CREATOR allows content to dynamically adjust(ABR-enabled streaming) and result in stabilized streaming as per bandwidth availability.

2. Analytics To Track Content Performance

With the help of CREATOR’s inbuilt video tracking algorithm, OTT owners can analyze and serve the appropriate type of content to their audience. As a result, brands advertise on the streaming platform to achieve higher ROI, which means you can charge them a premium.

3. Full-Stack OTT Platform Service

A Video Management System allows viewers to enjoy a seamless and tailored video streaming experience unique to the user. With the help of CREATOR, organizations can organize, process, optimize, manage, and broadcast content while monetizing it all within a single environment. 

Feature-rich and seamless integration options of CREATOR allow you to save on your deployment costs of OTT. Besides offering a great streaming experience, you need to deploy the right technology and drive it in an optimum manner. 

The key to staying ahead of the competition in OTT is to think ahead of the curve, which can only be possible if you engage with the right technology partner.

Creator combines OTT and video streaming capabilities with your existing business architecture, enabling you to launch a white-labeled virtual business platform for potential customers across the globe.

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