Film Festivals

Film Festivals

Get your branded, fully-customized, feature-rich online film festival platform accessible for a global audience. Host, stream, and monetize post-event movie premieres, inaugural and closing events, film critics sessions as on demand content.


Customized, White-labelled Apps & Website

Launch a white-labeled platform with customizations reflecting your brand persona. Get fully-featured native apps and websites across ecosystems, platforms, and devices such as Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV(tvOS), Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more.


On-Demand & Live Streaming

Upload movies as on-demand content while live streaming premieres, opening and closing ceremonies. Create a broadcast schedule of movie premieres, critics sessions, and more for your audience. Organize movies as per genres or categories.

Built-in CDN

Deliver buffer-free streaming experience of your film festival for your viewers. Supported by adaptive multi-bitrate streaming, you can deliver an auto-scalable, uninterrupted streaming experience during peak hours.


Security & Privacy

Securely host and broadcast your film festival content with Built-in DRM, Server Level Security, Watermarking, VPN Detection, Single Sign On(SSO), Screen Recording Protection, Multi firewall, Geo-Blocking, and more.


Multiple Monetization Models

Generate revenue by monetizing content on your film festival platform. Offer viewers a full subscription to your film festival platform or enable a pay-per-view model for viewers who wish to watch specific films. Run ads between the sessions or movies and own 100% of the revenue.

Geo-Selective Streaming

Enable Geo-blocking feature and choose regions from where you want viewers to access the film festival. Select city, state or country with VPN detection and block users who access your platform from barred regions.


Advance Analytics

Track your content performance and audience behavior via Real-time Analytics dashboard, UTM source tracking, livestream analytics, and more.


Hybrid/Virtual Events Platform

Fully-managed, feature-rich platform that delivers immersive hybrid/virtual events to attendees...

All-in-one OTT Solution

Completely featured OTT platform to deliver enterprise video content to audience across the globe...

Security & Privacy

Securely host and broadcast your events with Built-in DRM, Watermarking, Single Sign On(SSO), VPN Detection, Geo-Blocking


Get Designated Account Manager, complete Technical and end-user support till event completion.


Grow your revenue by monetizing hybrid/virtual events through pay-per-view, video advertising or subscription model...


Create customized, own branded events for you with Live Chroma and Hybrid Shoot, virtual main hall, lobby, auditorium...

Attendee experience

Deliver engaging attendee experience with interactive targeted networking, unlimited concurrent live video sessions...


Track your event via Real-time Analytics dashboard, UTM source tracking, livestream analytics...

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