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Data Protection And Security: An Important Layer For Video Tech


Virtual Events & Security

The usage of video applications to interact with people and conduct business has increased significantly after Covid-19 pandemic. This is majorly due to the companies shifting towards the remote-work environment and relying on virtual event platforms to connect with their employees and customers. But the rise of virtual events has brought with them great security risks. 

These risks were brought to attention recently as unauthorized entries, trolling and data breaches were reported on popular platforms impacting a significant number of users. As virtual event platforms, we are given very sensitive and confidential information of our attendees, so it becomes our responsibility to allay all concerns by providing a safe space for all attendees and stakeholders. Hence, as a business, it becomes all the more important to exercise caution while partnering with a virtual event platform. 

Parameters you should consider while selecting your virtual event partner:

While partnering with a video streaming platform for your business, it is important to conduct due diligence to ensure that the service provider meets information security standards and has a good reputation in the market for providing secure services. End-to-end encryption, password-based login, custom registration links, and double-step authentication are basic features that are must-haves for any virtual event platforms. You may also want to look at certifications like ISO 270001:2013 that the service providers possess.

What is ISO 270001:2013 certification? Why is it important for virtual event platforms?

ISO 27001:2013 is a set of standards that specifies the requirements for setting up, executing, sustaining, and continually upgrading the information security management system in an organization. It ensures that your virtual event partner adheres to all security requirements and can manage all risks efficiently for you, keeping your data safe.

How will this certification help MultiTV customers?

MultiTV is ISO 270001:2013 certified, which makes us the right partner for your virtual event needs. We provide a secure environment for your virtual event whether it is a sales conference or a virtual product launch. This certification ensures that your precious data is in safe hands and all processes are closely monitored to avoid cyber attacks. 

Cybersecurity is a raging topic in the increasingly virtual world and event professionals, virtual event platform providers, and other stakeholders will have to work together to support safe and successful events.

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