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Recommendation Engine

Content personalization & recommendations based on userpreferences, behaviour, viewing patterns, engagement START 7 DAY FREE TRAIL


Video Applications

Engaging, Intuitive and UX rich mobile, tablet, and Setup Box applications START 7 DAY FREE TRAIL

MultiTv Analytics Interface


Measure the ROI & track performance of video content, user journey, and behavior START 7 DAY FREE TRAIL

multitv social tv Interface

Social TV

Integrated with the latest social attributes and connect with your friends, social chatter, and friends activity feed START 7 DAY FREE TRAIL


Marketing Automation

Targeting audience made simpler and contextual with inbuilt marketing tools like Push notification, emails, etc START 7 DAY FREE TRAIL


Discovery & Aggregation

Help crack the ultimate hurdle of video discoverability with advanced search & multi pattern recommendations START 7 DAY FREE TRAIL

Realize the power of your content and how we enable value creation from itThings we can do with the freedom for you to chose where to start


Transcoding & Encoding

Adapt, scale, and customizable with ease to best serves your audience and business requirement.

Video Content

Video CMS

Make video content publishing effortless, adaptive, and enriching for users and viewers alike.


Subscriber management system

Build a responsive, organized, and trackable platform


Ad insertion and detection

Enabling platform-wide process and revenue optimization

Video Delivery

Video delivery and analytics

Optimally and seamlessly serve your content and run various customer and video analytics on the fly

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    Imagination Delivered™

    With Creator, MultiTV delivers your business vision and imagination by giving you the power to manage, optimize, seamlessly move, and monetize your content across regional and global audiences

    Transcoding & Encoding

    Video Content Management System

    Subscriber Management System

    Video Ad Detection & Ad Insertion

    Video Delivery & Analytics

    Server-Side Ad Insertion

    Video Player


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    Video Platforms

    Creator powers media and broadcasting leaders to simplify complexity and deliver up to 2X higher-quality video experiences for more than 30 million consumers daily across their OTT video ecosystem.

    CREATOR Product Sheet | OTT Video Tech Platform

    CREATOR is used by almost all major OTT players. We enable OTT video viewing for 15+ million users on a daily basis.

    Leading Features Of CreatorEmpowering the delivery of your imagination.

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    Enterprises deliver better video technology experiences using MultiTV
    media & telecom

    Media & Telecom

    Engage Relevant Audiences Across Channels
    sports and digital

    Sports & Digital

    Connect With Audiences Wherever They Are

    Retail and Brands

    Embrace Video to Enhance Your Product