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BeLIVE: Bringing The World Visually Closer Through Enriching Live Streaming & Broadcasting Solutions

Live streaming technology has requirements across industries. One-size-fits-all solutions usually don’t work. Product launch, live concert, AGM, hybrid event, webinar, social events, training videos, a virtual event all have different tech & process requirements.

A lot of companies invest, create quality video content but often lack the capacity to leverage it and derive true value. A proper video content management system, centralized portal, monetization, ad serving etc. are ways in which businesses can truly benefit

We provide companies a perfect platform where businesses can stream live events or offer video-on-demand services. And we do it, with a plug-n-play approach where we offer ready-made solutions for product launches, video portal, virtual exhibition, webinar, LMS, AGM, investor meeting, concert, hybrid event, and many more.

BeLIVE is the largest video capture and distribution solution provider in India. With over 40+production studios across the country and with around 1,000+ Branded Event Live Stream every year, we achieve over 2,500,000+ Interactive Session Yearly with our annual video viewership of nearly 200M+.


BeLIVE is a platform for broadcasting and streaming of live events. Powered by a comprehensive tech stack developed 100% in-house. We offer complete technical architecture for executing a virtual event.

From Townhall to Launches, Special effects supplementing live presentations and all this, while we retain the magic of interaction with your audience in real time. Or a completely immersive experience with main event area clubbed with interactive booths, demo area and engagement areas.

We offer pre-event, mid-event, and post-event services like digital promotions – emailers, invites, reminders, online registrations, organizer and exhibitor dashboard access, a microsite with event agenda, and other details. Live editing, graphic insertion, live polls, Q&A. Post-event reporting & analysis, viewer analytics, and more.

Welcome to the new world of online experiences:

  • Hybrid Concert
  • Virtual HR Event
  • Social Event
  • Product Launch
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Investor Meet
  • Milestone Event
  • Virtual Exhibition
  • Webinar
  • Digital Concert

With BeLIVE successfully in operation, We at MultiTV are proud to say that we are helping the world come visually closer. For more information visit the BeLive page here or contact us to get started.

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