Art Entertainment Media

Art, Entertainment & Media

Expand your audience reach via whitelabelled hybrid/virtual concerts, award shows, performance, and more. Host interactive online event experience for viewers and generate revenue with a highly scalable, hybrid/virtual platform for Arts, Entertainment & Media.

End-to-end Hybrid/Virtual Events Platform

Completely managed, feature-rich platform that delivers immersive hybrid/virtual events to attendees. Whitelabel and add customizations to your online events as per your brand persona.

Event Simulcasting

Broadcast your events to multiple social sites and gain a competitive edge over your competitors. Livestream to the most sought-after social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and more.

Record Livestream as On-demand content

Record the livestream and save recorded content in your website archives for repurposing. Enable your viewers to get on-demand access to the content. Set multiple monetization models and watch your revenue grow.

Highly Scalable Platform

Webcast every unique small and large-scale event on highly scalable platform. Broadcast concerts, award shows, performance, and more. Showcase inaugural, closing, and award ceremonies to audiences across the globe.

Privacy & Security

Broadcast your events via highly secured hybrid/virtual event platform. Enable whitelabeling and geo-blocking as per your preference to deliver online events on multiple devices and platforms.


Hybrid/Virtual Events Platform

Fully-managed, feature-rich platform that delivers immersive hybrid/virtual events to attendees...

All-in-one OTT Solution

Completely featured OTT platform to deliver media content to audience across the globe...


Grow your revenue by monetizing hybrid/virtual events through pay-per-view, video advertising or subscription model...


Create customized, own branded events for you with Live Chroma and Hybrid Shoot, virtual main hall, lobby...


Get Designated Account Manager, complete Technical and end-user support till event completion.

Attendee experience

Deliver engaging attendee experience with interactive targeted networking, unlimited concurrent live video sessions...


Track your event via Real-time Analytics dashboard, UTM source tracking, livestream analytics, pre-engagement...

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Sports Events

Livestream actions straight from the ground to your viewers’ devices. Deliver 4K-HD quality live sports streams...

Brands & retails

Host and livestream video marketing, ecommerce, and retail conferences, and more to potential customers across...


BeLIVE Enterprises

Host uninterrupted AGMs, town halls, product launches, conference & summits, panel discussions, sales meetings...