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We may all agree that every OTT technology platform is basically designed with Transcoding, hosting, and encryption as three pillars for building an efficient OTT workflow. There may be several big names in the field already: Amazon, Apple, Netflix, HBO. But who can deny room for innovation and exploration?

By following our 8 step guide, you can deliver a competitive advantage for your existing or new OTT-business:

  • Unique brand identity: Deliver a seamless and unique user experience by choosing an OTT platform that aligns with your brand identity. You can then formulate your content strategy. With Creator, you get full ownership of the journey and freedom to express your unique brand identity.
  • Value creation from VMS and CMS: Make video content publishing effortless, adaptive, and enriching for users and viewers alike.
  • Pick your OTT offerings: Design your offering as you see fit and create opportunities for unique distribution channels and multiple monetizing avenues.
  • Subscriber Management System: Build a responsive, organized, and trackable platform with multi-currency and price mapping.
  • Proven technology: Combine the infinite scale of a cloud infrastructure with the cost advantages of on-premise processing based upon the use-cases.
  • Video delivery and analytics: Optimally and seamlessly serve your content on your OTT platform and run various customer and video analytics on the fly.
  • Streaming strategy: broadcast and watch live videos on multiple devices and video platforms – TV, OTT, Social Media, and Mobile with Cloud-based live stream manager and unlimited storage for your content.
  • Support and safety: Protect your valuable stream by sturdy encryption provided by CREATOR, enabling Geo-blocking and content rights management. With this, you can scale your audience per your business requirement while keeping content piracy and theft in check 24/7.

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