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OTT and Advertising: A Perfect Harmony

Ever since the internet has reached out to every single hand demographically, technology has seen huge growth leaps and bounds. The landscape of video technology has been influenced by the innovations and the behavioural shifts of the consumers. The nature of the audiences and their way of watching television has fundamentally changed over the last few years.

The traditional way of TV watching has hit a huge setback. With every single channel and almost every production house moving drastically towards the OTT platforms either by mergers and partnerships or launching their own OTT platform. Cable television is going down rapidly. The golden era of families sitting together and watching their favourite programs on a single TV set have gone past by. Customers want to view their programs on their terms, at their timings, and on their personal handy devices without any disturbance.

This technological trend has not only made the content providers take a huge shift to the OTT platforms but also made the advertisers make the shift as well. This harmony has been a win-win situation for both the parties and thus resulting in a trend we today know as OTT ADVERTISEMENT.

What is OTT Advertisement?

OTT (over-the-top) advertising is advertising delivered directly to viewers over the internet through streaming video services or devices, such as smart or connected TVs (CTV). It is a concept where viewers are provided with individualized content while they watch the same TV show at the same time. Thus, OTT advertising is a targeted ad delivery on your screens enabled by programmatic technology.

What led Ad-agencies to go for OTT Advertisements?

The new universe created by the rising OTT Platforms is highly automated, data-driven, and addressable where the viewers are as important as the content itself. In a landscape of endless choices, accessibility, and quality content viewer’s experiences are the key. With each customer subscribed to their favourite platforms individually, provides a great opportunity for the content providers to come close to their customers and know them better. They in a lot of sense know the preference of their customers, their viewing habits, their demography, etc. in short, the content providers have a whole lot of data and information about their customers.

The growing value of OTT as a mass-reach medium is witnessed by the Ad agencies and the brand advertisers as soon as they entered this new universe. The fact that how easy is the online video market targeting and delivering cross-platform audiences to advertisers, especially the youth and presenting highly desirable demographics is also an important ingredient that has caught up their eyes. With an estimated increase in revenue of around 50% to 60% in this sector, OTT advertising is expected to be a huge hit over the next decade.

How we at MultiTV help our partners to reap the full benefits of OTT Advertising?

We at MultiTV provide an absolute end to end white-label OTT solution aimed to provide the best in class over the top video environment for businesses and customers alike. With our team working efficiently in preparing solutions to render all the video needs of our customers through their dedicated manhours and world-class technology, we now have moved a step forward in providing best-in-class services to our partners to cater to the requirements for all their OTT Advertisements solutions. 

With our market-leading technology, we look forward to providing certain benefits to our OTT partners and brand advertisers:

  • Our digital ad fingerprinting and commercial ad detection technology help in targeting specific audiences based on demographic and behavioural traits.
  • Collecting and analysing data from the viewing habits of the viewers to inform which advertisements need to be displayed by delivering customized streams making the ad leave a stronger imprint on the viewer. 
  • With Server-Side Ad Insertion Technology we stitch advertisement in the video at the time of delivery through high-quality pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll so that there is a greater chance of the advertisement reaching the viewer.
  • Giving Better Monetization opportunity by Serving different customized ads across different screens using our cutting-edge fingerprinting technology. Thus, generating a new revenue stream for our partners.
  • Providing Management and measurability of ads in real-time to analyse the engagement and user reaction and thus reducing the advertiser’s burden of obtaining resourceful data.
  • Assistance in Ad Fraud Prevention by providing full technical assistance against invalid traffic detection, standard naming practices, and many other conventions, practically eliminating Ad frauds and Adblockers.

We at MultiTV know that despite its challenges, OTT advertising still has a very bright future. Though the opportunities OTT advertising offers today are still relatively less, but will certainly continue to develop, presenting advertisers with new ways to reach audiences. And as far as the interest of the OTT content provider goes, they would never want to lose a great opportunity of generating more revenue through ads without compromising their content quality.

So, we at MultiTV are making our constant efforts so that this perfect harmony between the OTT platforms and Advertisements reach its pinnacle of success and we become an integral part of its growth.

Technical Lead