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How CREATOR Became The OTT Lifeline? Complete Video Tech Stack For An OTT Platform

If anything has made the hardship of our lives easy in this era of global pandemic then that thing has certainly been our favorite content that we have been viewing on our tablets, smartphones, TV sets and other devices. Be it your favorite web series, sporting events, documentaries, TV shows, movies or nostalgia-driven age-old cult programming. Getting all this content at a single platform within a click can only be described as a technological masterpiece.

From being a youth-oriented, expensive luxury to a user-friendly household name the OTT platforms have covered quite a long distance.

Looking at the success of star players like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar. The young and emerging players like MX Player, Voot, ZEE5, Discovery Plus, etc have also started gaining wide popularity in the eyes of the customers with their unique and original content.

With a large number of people coming up to view their favourites during the lockdown and this global crisis, there has been a boost in the new subscription rate quite significantly. This subscription growth, in the long run, is expected to rise from around 600 million to 1.4 billion subscribers in the next 5 years.

With this rapid growth in the subscriber, family arises the question of stability, longevity, and sustainability. Keeping the customers happy by providing them with uninterrupted services, better video quality, and zero bugs would be the biggest challenge of the companies keeping in mind their profit values. This increase in demand has subsequently increased the pressure on the infrastructure to carry the high loads and hence it might become difficult for the companies to focus on the framing and placing of the content.

Keeping an eye on the growing demands of the companies and the need for a perfect solution we in MultiTV have come up with an aggregated one-stop OTT solution.

The Creator

We at MultiTV, deliver a mesmerizing online video experience with best-in-class technology. With our cumulative years of experience in video technology and over 100+ satisfied customers across the globe. We offer cutting-edge technology and highly skilled engineering resources in creating a robust technology stack to help our customers launch their own OTT video platform.

Our product CREATOR is an absolute end-to-end white-label OTT solution aimed to provide the best in class over the top video ecosystem for businesses and customers alike. It is an integrated dashboard that controls, configures, manages and analyses the whole OTT service chain with ease.

It gives businesses a platform to market their video content as a personalized viewing experience (Live or On-demand) and monetize their content on their own terms. With industry level ad insertion and Avant-garde analytics, the performance and audience response analysis are reflected in a precise, quantifiable, and readable format that helps to forge the strategies necessary to keep an edge.

With CREATOR as your OTT platform, you gain the advantage of a wholesome, end to end over the top solution with no foreign hardware or software integration required. With complete solution rendered, you can easily forego worrying over the layout management as it becomes centralized when channeled via CREATOR.

From obtaining raw data through Live satellites, camera or VOD TV feed and transcoding and encoding those videos through our transcoders to further hosting them on your desired Content Delivery Networks (CDN), we make sure that your video content is available in the desired format across every device, rendering the stream as universally compatible without any errors and bugs.

During this process CREATOR also works towards the safety and security of your visual data by storing it in our cloud server just after the video is been processed and ready to go out. And later providing DRM integration services of your choice like fingerprinting and watermarking to secure your data. Also, it provides complete assistance in analyzing the content being viewed by the consumer, the total and average consumption per consumer/ per device and helps incomplete tracking and monitoring of your user base.

Along with these services CREATOR as a loyal helper and friend also acts as a watchdog in taking care of your company’s revenue by analyzing the subscription revenue, wallet account revenue, recurring subscription report, and pay per view revenue to provide you the detailed revenue stats.

Some of our OTT solution customers are MX Player Aaj Tak, ZEE5, Eros Now, Network 18. Please visit here to get started with MultiTV’s OTT platform solutions.

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